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SEO copywriting involves much more than throwing a bunch of persuasive and pretty-sounding words onto a website page (if only!). In fact, many writers claim to be SEO copywriters when, in reality, they don’t possess the critical knowledge necessary for executing effective SEO copy.

It’s vital to have your website copy put together by a writer who understands the principles of SEO and how to utilise keywords to improve your rankings.

Times have changed. Success (in Google’s eyes) is no longer about writing big blobs of copy stuffed with keywords. Today, it’s about crafting a compelling story that encourages readers to take action. Search engines reward this kind of copy because their ultimate goal is to satisfy readers by serving up relevant information in both a timely and digestible manner.

Since the Google Rank Brain algorithm update, Google takes into consideration how customers are interacting with your website. This means that many engagement metrics such as click-through rate, time on page, interaction with page elements and how your page compares with competitors are more of a priority than ever before.

Our expert SEO writers leverage a combination of technical SEO knowledge with exceptional penmanship to deliver outstanding SEO copy for your website. We follow a rigorous process to comprehensively understand your products or services. The outcome? Powerful website copy that effortlessly encourages your visitors towards conversion.

Here at Gorilla, we have a team of in-house writers as well as access to a pool of industry specialists. This means we’re always able to match your project to the best person for the job. Our SEO copywriters are based in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle and serve clients across all Australian states. Our streamlined briefing and approval process is designed to make your life easy and often means we can deliver before your deadline – result!

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We are consistently delighted with Gorilla 360's content, strategy, efforts, and their ability to completely manage each and every task through to completion. If you are looking for a marketing team that delivers results with integrity, transparency, and focus, then Gorilla 360 is the team for you.


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Great service with excellent results.


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SEO Copywriting Services


Product copywriting for ecommerce websites

Writing website copy for products is a mammoth task. Often, there are 1000s of products per store – eek! It’s critical to maximise the visibility of every single product for Google search as well as communicate the key selling points to customers. We’ve helped countless e-commerce stores write compelling copy that not only ranks but ultimately, sells.

Copywriting for services

If you’ve got a service business, you need copy that evokes confidence and builds trust. It has to persuade potential customers to get in touch with you, not your competitors. We’ve crafted copy for almost every industry you can imagine and are perfectly positioned to help convert your big ideas into copy that gets results.


Blog copywriting

Blog writing is a powerful way of increasing traffic to your website, developing relationships with potential customers, and showcasing your expertise. Our specialist writers can help you develop a strategic topic plan and even write blog posts on your behalf. We can also provide high-quality imagery (no cringey, stock-standard photos in sight) and creative infographics that will help make your content stand out from the crowd.

Industry-specific writers

No matter what industry you’re in, we can help. We have a team of internal SEO copywriting experts as well as a range of specialist niche writers in just about every topic under the sun - from engineering right through to beauty.


Keyword research and advice

If you want to reach the dizzy heights of website rankings, you’ll need to gain a deep understanding of what your customers are searching for, alongside completing a hefty dose of keyword research. The Gorilla team leverages industry-leading tools and over a decade of keyword research experience to cherry-pick the right keywords to maximise your results.

Content gap analysis

We’ve got an exceptional team of SEO strategists and content producers who can help identify the content you need to create a truly remarkable customer journey. We can help you identify the core topics that will attract your ideal customer and nurture them towards purchase. We strategically analyse competitors and keyword search volumes to generate topics that will supercharge website traffic and sales.


Advice on page layout

Your customers’ experience on your website has never been more important. Google’s ranking algorithm now takes into account how people interact with your webpage. What does this mean for your business? You need to encourage users to engage with your content and stay on your page for longer. The Gorilla team can help you design a winning webpage that effortlessly converts visitors into customers.

SEO copy for new websites

Have a new website on the way? Need copy fast? We can help. Team Gorilla is on hand to prepare compelling website copy for your new website - whether it’s your first or your 10th. Our comprehensive briefing process delivers us with a deep understanding of your company, tone of voice, key selling points, and much more. The result is powerful copy that not only speaks directly to your ideal customers but also wins brownie points with search engines – result!


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