We're a growing business and we're always looking for our next hire.

But we don’t just give jobs out to any old marketing monkey. It’s the future King Kong’s we’re after.

Greenhorns - don’t despair. Lack of experience is not a deal breaker. We gorillas need a character match.

You know that classic marketing adage “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”?

Well we gorillas are always hungry, so if you fit the ways of the jungle, and you make a mean banana bread, we’re interested. You don’t need to be the next Rand Fishkin to convince us to take you into the tribe (if you don’t know who that is, find out before you apply). You do need a passion to learn. That’s non negotiable.

What we're looking for

It’s pretty simple. We want the best online dominators in the country. But that’s all a little grandiose. You want the deets.

For entry level chimps
We're not obsessed by experience. We want curiosity, ambition and motivation.

You might:

  • Have just finished your degree or will soon
  • Have completed a Communications or Business (Marketing) degree
  • Or have hands on experience in a marketing/comms role
  • Be crazy eager to learn and will stop at nothing until you get the role you want
Like we said, we're flexible. Prove you're the one we need.

For those with more experience
There’s a few particular skill sets we go ape over:

  • Client account management – you love building relationships and driving results
  • Analytics – if you can turn data into online marketing gold, we want you now
  • SEO – if you know the Google algorithm better than your best friend, we'd like to talk
  • PPC – you know your CPCs, CTRs and CPAs from your ACEs, CPMs and PLAs
  • Outreach and online promotion – any social media or PR pro with deep strategic knowledge will find a home
  • Email – you live for building, testing and testing some more

What you’ll get

  • The opportunity to innovate, risk-take and collaborate
  • A structured learning and development plan to help you smash your own personal career goals
  • An annual education budget of $2000
  • Unlimited supply of lolly bananas
  • Experience working with clients big and small, from startups to ASX listed behemoths
  • The opportunity to learn from some seriously experienced marketing boffins
  • A goal-oriented role allowing you to work the hours that allow you to dominate  
  • The chance to join a tribe of proactive, caring and slightly insane gorillas

How to join the Gorilla tribe

Your checklist

  • CV
  • Email / letter telling us why you're our next unicorn hire
  • Samples of your work – blog posts, videos, podcast, Snapchat series, inspirational haiku – whatever you need to show us why you’re the one
  • We’re a lively bunch humour won’t go astray

Cheeky hints

Storytelling. It helps. Oh and to make sure you have some attention to detail, find a way to include the word “salmon” in your application.

Our pet hates include the use of nothingness buzz terms like ‘leverage’, ‘synergy’, and ‘digital disruption’. It would be in your best interest to avoid these eye-rollers. 

Brevity will win you friends. The best kind of economy is word economy. Everyone who hated maths know that.

Lastly, those with no compunction for accurate grammar shall receive scant respect. Your diligence is due. Don’t make a gorilla angry. You’ve seen King Kong…

Knock our Gorilla socks off