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Google Shopping is a super effective way to grow your ecommerce sales. If you’re an ecommerce retailer and you‘re only using Search and Display campaigns then Google Shopping is a huge opportunity for your business.

Customers want to see image-rich, highly-engaging ads. Shopping ads and more specifically, goal-optimised ads will allow you to put highly tailored ads in front of your customers when they're most likely to purchase.

We’ve helped brands, big and small, to drive big returns in the online shopping space. We’re experts in Google Shopping and can help you maximise your return from your advertising spend.

If you’re looking for an experienced, performance driven and trustworthy agency, then we’re your team. Read on to learn more about our Google Shopping services and give us a tingle if you have any questions.

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Revenue growth

We’ve been working with Gorilla for over 2 years and during that time our organic traffic and revenue have increased significantly. 


Mark Streeter
Shindigs Party Supplies

Highly recommended

In such a short time they have increased our Google rankings, website traffic and halved our Google Adwords cost per click. They have done wonders for our digital marketing and I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Matt Atherton
All Class Training


Their proactive approach beyond SEO and thinking outside the box to look at new ways to increase our online conversion has been excellent for taking our business forward.


Steve Rogers
Melbourne Institue of Massage Therapy

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Google Shopping Services

Google Merchant Centre Setup

Setup including Google Merchant Center

To get your shopping ads up and running you need to configure Google Ads (formerly Adwords) to talk to Google Merchant Center.

All of your product information lives in the Google Merchant Center, including product attributes (such as colour and size). Google Ads uses the information in the Google Merchant Center to create custom ads depending on the search query.

We provide expert setup services to get your shopping campaigns live in no time.

Product feed integration with your CMS

Need help configuring Google Merchant Center with your CMS? We've got your back.

Setting up the integrations can be confusing and intimidating but we’re here to do the heavy lifting. That’s what Gorillas are good at.

We help you get Google and your website playing well together - so you can maximise your visibility and sales.

Google Shopping Feed CMS integration
Google Shopping Feed Optimisation

Feed optimisation

Compared to other ad formats, Google Shopping ads require detailed and specific product information from the product feed to ensure potential customers are delivered the right info when they want it.

When a customer types a search, Google scans its Merchant Center database and selects the products with the most relevant data and highest quality score. So if your feed isn’t optimised then your ads won’t show!

We help you maximise sales by optimising your feed including product identifiers, titles, descriptions, image quality and sales promotions.

Goal-optimised ads

When goal-optimised campaigns (also known as Smart Shopping Campaigns) ads are delivered correctly, they have the potential to drive huge ROI. We’ve helped clients take advantage of this new technology and achieve record breaking returns on their ad spends.

Goal-optimised ads are an evolving offering from Google, and it pays to be one step ahead of the game. With extensive experience in this area, we can help drive your sales and reach more customers.

Goal Optimised Ads for Google Shopping
Local inventory Ads for local customers

Local inventory ads

We Gorillas are going bananas for local inventory ads. These ads showcase your product and store information to anyone who might be searching within a local radius.

Local inventory ads are the future of online advertising. Here’s why: Imagine your customer is 5 kms away from your store and they want your product. And they want it now. They search Google and see a high-quality image of exactly what they want and the ad also shows your local store information.

If you’ve got a local store and an ecommerce store then using local inventory ads are an opportunity to cover all the bases - drive more foot traffic and increase online sales.

Customer reviews

We can’t stress the importance of customer reviews enough. There are three common factors that influence buying decisions: price, description and reviews. If a product has positive reviews compared to competition, customers will naturally gravitate towards it.

Our team of specialists can help maximise your customer review strategy to help drive sales via your online store.

Customer reviews for Google Shopping
Monthly optimisation of Google Shopping Feed

Monthly optimisation

The most effective Google Shopping accounts have continual maintenance and optimisation. We're talking about:

  • Adjusting bids according to market demand
  • Improving feed data
  • Prioritising products and adjusting spend towards more profitable products
  • Adjusting campaign settings depending on the end goals (maximising revenue, visibility of ads, leads, conversions)

Our specialists manage Google Shopping campaigns on your behalf to drive revenue and maximise your results.

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