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Actionable insights from a leading Google Analytics agency

Your business is all about data.

We help you establish thorough Google Analytics tracking and reporting which gives you a level of clarity and insight that your competitors simply don’t have.

We assist with the full Analytics process - from best practice implementation of your Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics accounts through to reporting customisation. We put the data you need at your fingertips.

At Gorilla, we believe in marketing led by data. We’ve helped both startups and multinationals maximise their tracking and reporting with Google Analytics and we can help you too.

Below we’ve outlined some of the key Google Analytics services that we can assist you. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Google Analytics Services

Google Analytics Audit

Google Analytics audit

Quality insights start with good data. Our audit identifies inaccuracies with your tracking and outlines opportunities to improve the quality of your data. You receive a comprehensive document with key findings and recommendations for enhancing your Google Analytics setup. Recommendations are customised to your unique business and reporting requirements and provide a clear roadmap for getting the most from your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics implementation

If you’re launching a new website or just want to improve your current setup, we can help you get the most from your Google Analytics installation. From developer recommendations (see more information below), to the configuration of goals/enhanced ecommerce tracking, to the setup of customised dashboards and reports - we can help. We provide you with a structured and organised Google Analytics that puts the right data at your fingertips.
Google Analytics Implementation
Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is an excellent free tool to consolidate your website “tags” within a single snippet of code. It provides management of tags from a web interface - allowing you to edit and update them without the help of your IT team or web developer. We have considerable experience with Google Tag Manager across clients of all sizes and can assist your implementation and launch of GTM.

Developer recommendations

We can provide advanced recommendations for your website developers to implement Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. This includes an audit of your current data capture setup and documented recommendations for developer implementation. Recommendations can include trigger rules, data taxonomy and links to relevant “how to” documentation.
Developer Recommendations
Custom Reporting Dashboards and Segmentation

Custom reporting, dashboards and advanced segmentation

Sick of digging around in Google Analytics trying to find the data you need? Yep, that’s common. We eliminate this problem by customising your account and putting the data you want at your fingertips. We configure custom reports, dashboards and segments, to match your reporting requirements - saving you time and confusion.

Data insights and actionable recommendations

Having good data is nice, knowing how to action your data is better. We help analyse your data, understand what it's telling you and convert this into usable recommendations to improve your website and digital marketing. Not everyone is a data junkie or has the time to sift through mountains of Analytics data. We save you time and confusion by translating your data into usable recommendations for your business.
Data insights and recommendations
Google Analytics Training

Google Analytics training

We provide Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager training to help upskill your team. All training is tailored to your specific reporting needs and the skill level of your team. We deliver training either in-person or via a series of videos recorded specially for your team. Video training provides a distinct advantage over in-person training in that your team can re-watch the training videos as often as required and new team members can be trained easily without additional costs.

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