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Meet and keep more customers with help from a sales focused Facebook advertising agency

We’re passionate about helping innovative businesses take down the big guys with the power of Facebook’s targeted promotional tools.

We can help you grow your business by meeting, and keeping more of the right customers at the lowest possible cost. And we’re not just interested in likes, shares and follows. It’s what’s behind the click that matters. We’ll help you develop a program that converts Facebook users into customers.

As a leading Facebook advertising agency, our team makes sure you maximise the return from your ad spend. You don’t need to sweat over the finer details of your Facebook campaigns. We’ll help you use the incredible targeting capabilities of the platform to find and convert new customers and re-engage existing ones.

We use Facebook ads to find your ideal customer better than ever before with the help of:

  • granular demographic and psychographic targeting to find the right audience
  • split testing hundreds of ad variations to find the best converting ads
  • the process and experience to continuously optimise your campaigns to maximise return
With over 15 million active users in Australia - regardless of your industry - there’s a mighty fine chance you can meet more customers on Facebook.

If you’d like more detail about the specific Facebook advertising services we provide, you can read on below. If you have any questions, or you want to talk with a Gorilla Facebook advertising specialist about your brand’s program - set up a chat right now.

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Advanced Customer Targeting

Our job is to help you find your ideal customers, target them with the right messages, and drive valuable conversions for your business.

Our approach is data-driven. We start all campaigns by establishing the right website tracking to accurately measure the return of your advertising. The analytics we generate help us refine your ad targeting, to make sure we find more of the right customers for less outlay.

The sheer range of interests, behaviours and demographics we can identify and target is mind-blowing. Our Gorilla online advertising specialists help you harness the intricate details of the ad management tool so you’re not letting opportunities go to waste.

Ad Creative and Copywriting

Once we’ve identified your ideal Facebook audience, we develop the content you need to attract and convert these potential customers.

You don’t have to worry about handling any aspects of the execution. We work with you to make sure we’re sending the right message, then we create, manage and optimise each element of your Facebook advertisement accordingly.

We use tools, processes and experience to continually create, test and refine your ad creative and copy for the life of the campaign to make sure you are getting the best possible results.

Ad creative and copywriting

Analytics & Reporting

Spending money on Facebook advertising can’t be an experiement. We know how important every dollar is to your business - so me make sure we analyse your performance to within an inch of its life.

We need to know where every cent is spent, and exactly what it has achieved. Our team of online ad specialists use a combination of software tools and industry research to monitor your performance and test out alternatives.

The Gorilla team will set up comprehensive tracking and reporting for all your Facebook advertising, and provide regular reporting in a brief, simple format. You won’t have to waste time decoding the jargon and stats to work out what your results mean for your business.

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