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Our marketing automation services help you drive more revenue from website visitors and customers.

Whether you want to bring customers back more often, grow repeat sales, capture abandoned cart revenue or incentivise new customer sales, we can help.

Your customers will receive personalised emails based on their own unique browsing and buying behaviour – meaning they receive the right incentive at the right time.

Email automation is not just another way to 'make sales while you sleep'. It's a cost effective way to grow your business and show customers you care.

Sure, increased sales is the desired outcome. After all, the average return on email marketing investment is $44.25 for every dollar spentBut surprise, delight and thanks are the other key metrics we use to measure your email marketing success.

Our email automation service is data driven, using leading software tools to compile customer data and trigger personalised emails based on each customers’ unique activity.

We work with ecommerce startups and multinationals alike, so if you’re looking for a marketing automation agency we can help. We’ve outlined some of our email automation services below and if you’d like more information or a chat, please say hello.

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In less than 12 months, Gorilla 360 has helped us double our website traffic and sales.


Mark Jackson
Catalogue and Club Sports

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I’ve worked with Gorilla for over 5 years. The traffic growth I’ve received has driven the growth of our business. It’s our number one source for inbound leads.


Craig Mace
Leasecorp Australia

Online Presence


Bronte, Nathan and the whole team are amazing to work with. We have seen really great improvements to our online presence.


Amy Parkinson

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Email Marketing Automation Services

Ecommerce automation welcome email series

Welcome Email Series

96% of your site visitors aren’t yet ready to buy. Don't scare them off with your sales megaphone. Instead, prove the value of your brand and your products.

With an average of three times the return of a promotional email, your welcome series is both customer-friendly and profitable.

We'll help optimise your site to drive subscriptions and nurture potential customers towards purchase.

Often the welcome series will introduce new subscribers to your brand, explain why you're different and incentivise their first purchase.

We'll give your subscriber the chance to buy, but we'll also provide genuine value to make sure those subscribers who aren't ready to buy will look forward to opening each and every email from your brand.

Cart Abandonment Series

Recent research suggests around 67% of all online store shopping carts are abandoned. That means more than two-thirds of your browsing visitors are soooo close to buying, but something is holding them back from that final checkout click. 

Don't give up on these potential customers. Instead, we can help you use an abandoned cart automated email series to reduce their uncertainty, establish your trust and provide all the information the shopper needs to become a buyer. With advanced tracking, strategic segmentation, and personalised email automation - we can encourage these lost sales to convert.

Email automation cart abandonment series

Follow Up Series

Your job isn't done after the sale. Post-purchase is the most important time. It's so easy to use email marketing helpfulness to turn those first-time buyers into regular repeat customers.

Make sure your customer experience doesn't fail beyond the ecommerce checkout. We can set up a follow-up automated email series for your customers, tailored to their purchase. Your follow-up series is a valuable up-selling tool, giving you the chance to suggest related products that could complement the customer's purchase. 

We'll also make sure the customer knows exactly what to expect after pushing the purchase button. We can give helpful delivery updates, clear information about your returns process, and a direct avenue for customer service enquiries to reduce frustration in the event of a problem.

Reactivation Series

You can't just focus your marketing efforts on attracting new customers. To grow your ecommerce store, we help you prepare content that nurtures and retains your existing customers. The long-term ROI of retention marketing exponentially outweighs that of continual advertising or discounting.

We'll help you re-engage your existing customers by creating an email series designed to win-back those dormant subscribers, and turn them into regular shoppers.

Using advanced tracking and segmentation, we can customise your series - offering helpful content, suggesting relevant products, and providing incentives to return to shop your store.

You need to nurture and retain your existing subscribers. Most brands take their email followers for granted - rewarding only buying behaviour. We want to help you show your loyal customers how much you care. Your re-activation email series is the perfect way to spark dormant subscribers into action.

Email automation re-activation series
Email automation review request

Review Request

Social proof is a powerful psychological purchase driver. Positive product reviews from your customers are conversion rate gold dust. If you're a small, growing brand; first-time customers need some assurances to buy.

Trust signals from other objective customers give those shoppers the faith they need to make a purchase decision. 88% of shoppers trust product reviews as much as a friend's recommendations.

Your automated review request email series makes gathering these critical conversion-boosters an absolute breeze. With the flick of a switch, you can start generating valuable feedback from your customers that you can use to drive more sales.

Testing, Tracking and Optimisation

We Gorillas don't do set-and-forget. Some email marketers set up a trigger campaign, let it run, then sit back to 'watch the dollars roll in'.

We're never satisfied - there's always more to test and optimise. We'll constantly tweak the copy, design, format and frequency of your automation series to make sure we're squeezing out the maximum amount of return.

Our team knows how important any marketing investment is for your business. The email automation series you push live today will still be generating sales for your business in the years to come. We'll make sure the time and money you spend on your email marketing generates a significant long-term return.

Analytics and Reporting

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