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Email marketing is the most effective way to drive additional revenue from your customer base. In fact it has the highest ROI of any marketing channel.

Our approach to email marketing is simple: we make your customers buy. We do this through the use of personalised product recommendations, interesting content and timely engagement.

Many questions arise with email marketing, for example:

  • How often should we send?
  • Are we ‘spamming’ customers?
  • Could our email marketing be more effective?
  • Are we maximising revenue without irritating our customers?

As a specialist email marketing agency, we use a data driven approach including thorough testing and analysis to enhance email performance and squeeze extra revenue from each campaign.

We’ve helped clients of all sizes turn email into a profitable marketing channel. Below we’ve outlined some of the email marketing services we provide. If you have any questions please get in touch, we’d love to chat.

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Email marketing services


Automated follow up emails

Want to stay in touch with your customers more regularly but without being pushy? Automated follow up emails can encourage your customers to purchase more, submit product reviews, engage with your website content or recommend your product/service to a friend.

Follow up emails are personalised to each customer and triggered by activity (or lack of) such as browsing activity, a recent purchase or a period of website inactivity by a customer. We assist you plan, design and configure automated emails that are tailored to each and every customer.

Abandon Cart Emails

Abandon cart emails are a highly effective way of recovering ‘lost’ revenue. A recent study found 67% of all shopping carts are abandoned, but our experience shows that many of these sales can be recovered by an effective abandon cart email series.

We help you set up, test and monitor abandon cart emails to drive additional revenue for their ecommerce businesses.


Personalised product recommendations

Utilising industry leading software tools, we help you make personalised product recommendations to your customers - based on their browsing activity, purchase history and customer profile. Recommendations can be sent within email newsletters, as part of an email series or contained in reminder/follow up emails.

By providing your customers with unique, individual product recommendations you increase clicks rate, conversion rate and overall revenue from your email activity.

Targeted email newsletters

Email newsletters are an effective way of driving customers back to your website. We can manage email campaigns on your behalf including content creation, design, send management and analytics.

Our email campaigns utilise a combination of sales offers and content to entice your customers to re-engage with your website. We work with a number of leading email marketing platforms and can assist you with whichever platform your company uses.


A/B Testing

A/B testing is a method of comparing two versions of a single email to see which version performs best. Once the best version has been identified, this version is sent to the majority of your database. Our email marketing services include continuous testing and refinement, in particular the use of A/B testing.

Whether you're sending 100 emails or 100,000, squeezing extra performance out of each and every email helps improve return on investment and ultimately your bottom line. We test the important components of your campaigns including subject lines, call to actions, buttons, design/layout, personalisation, offers, image usage and so on.

Email capture and subscription growth

Your email list is a business asset. Growing it helps you increase revenue and ROI. We help you accelerate number of people on your email database using intelligent web based tools, industry knowledge and data driven testing.

Not every visitor to your website is ready to purchase, but we can help you capture a higher percentage of visitor email addresses - so you can stay front of mind and continue promoting your products.


Content writing and design

Writing and designing content for email campaigns can be time consuming and expensive. If you want engaging content quickly and inexpensively, we can help. We prepare copy, design graphics and populate content for email campaigns.

We’re lucky to have a variety of writers on our books who specialise in a wide range of industries - enabling us to match your needs with a writer who understands the industry. Whether it's one campaign or a year's worth, we can help. Learn more about our content marketing services here.

Analytics and reporting

All our email services include analytics and reporting as standard. Before campaigns are launched we ensure you have thorough tracking in place - both through your email marketing platform and via Google Analytics. We give you regular performance reports customised to your unique business or management reporting requirements.

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