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Focused on clarity

We are living in a time of unprecedented change. In order to grow, companies must overcome more challenges and hurdles than ever before.

Great execution is required to achieve great outcomes. That’s why you need a clear plan. We eliminate the confusion and provide you with a well-defined action plan for how to reach your business goals.

Zero fluff, maximum results.



Understanding your customers is critical. Fortunately, there’s never been more audience data available - you just need someone who knows how to use it.

We collect and analyse large volumes of data from a variety of digital sources, cutting through the noise and uncovering the meaning to develop a comprehensive plan for how to grow your business.

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Trusted by industry leaders

Many of Australia’s leading companies have enlisted our help to develop and execute their digital strategies. We pride ourselves on being transparent, honest and results driven.

As a trusted extension of your team, you can rely on us to deliver the outcomes you need.

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Gorilla develops data-driven strategies that help companies become industry leaders. We know every business is different and that’s why we’ll never advocate for a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach.

We deliver a highly personalised and tailored service to help you work out where you’re going and exactly how you’re going to get there. Our team of digital experts are able to cut through the noise, so you can avoid choice overload and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Building an effective digital strategy involves combining company, competitor and marketplace analysis to identify the most lucrative opportunities for your business.

We compile data from industry-leading tools and your own business performance to build an entirely data-driven digital strategy. The output? Strategic recommendations about where to invest and how to achieve the growth you desire. These recommendations are broken down by key digital marketing channels, including search, social, programmatic, CRM, and more.

Gorilla has helped growth-driving digital strategies for leading Australian businesses across a wide range of industries. Whether you’re based in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle, or beyond - we’ve got the expertise and transparent approach required to help you create a results-focused strategy that’s grounded in hard data, not soft promises.

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The Gorilla Team are an incredible addition to our business. I literally have no idea how we could have launched a high end Global Brand Website without their help! They know SO MUCH and have taught us a lot about our online business. Total experts and an absolute pleasure to deal with on an ongoing basis - I'm literally telling everyone I can about them. Hire them!


Dara Donnelly
Simone Perele

Expert Assistance


Gorilla 360 provided expert assistance and practical advice in identifying areas of our website and digital strategy that could be enhanced to increase quality traffic and convert sales. They also undertook rigorous testing of digital advertising channels to understand the best performing tactics before deploying strategies that sourced us the highest quality leads at the lowest possible cost. The team at Gorilla 360 are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend them to anyone seeking to optimise their digital presence.


Jason Riley
University of Newcastle

Would Recommend 10/10


Working with Gorilla has been one of the best decisions for our business and marketing! They go above and beyond to find out about how we work and the market we're in to really be able to help us reach our goals!


Greta Schumacher
City Strength

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Digital Strategy services


Data-driven strategy

Data delivers the 1% edge. It focuses you on what matters. Audience data is at the core of what we do. We meticulously gather and dissect it from a range of digital sources to understand the complex customer journey and exactly what drives purchasing decisions. The result? Actionable insights to help your business grow.

Tailored to your needs

Every business is different. That’s why every one of our digital strategies is entirely unique too. Before we get started, we always ensure we have a clear understanding of your desired outcomes. We then tailor the scope of the project to deliver precisely what your business needs. The items below highlight key areas included in our strategies. You won’t need every item on our list, but it’s nice to know what exciting stuff is possible, right?!


Planning workshops

You’re the experts in your industry, we’re the experts in ours. Together, we can build a powerful plan that combines a deep knowledge of your customers and products with the right digital strategies to achieve your specific goals. We frequently host strategy workshops with clients that are designed to fuse these two worlds together into one cohesive plan of attack.

Competition analysis

Many clients desire an in-depth analysis of competitors and their digital strategies. We use industry-leading digital tools to help you discover their secret sauce, find key areas of opportunity, develop a unique value proposition and grow market share.


Industry insight

We have access to detailed customer research across a wide range of industries. This research proves invaluable in positioning your marketing to achieve targeted results. Want to take it one step further? Analysis of industry leaders in other countries, such as the US, UK and Europe, can often lead to enlightening insights about upcoming trends and executable ideas. We’re able to identify and dissect the strategies of key players in your space to provide ideas and opportunities for your company’s growth.

Results focused

We always start with the end in mind: What does success look like for you and your company? The development of any strategy is only as good as the return on investment (ROI). As a performance driven digital strategy agency, we are used to being 100% ROI focused. We always track detailed performance metrics while helping you map out the entire process.


A clear, actionable plan

A great plan is only as good as its execution. We aim to provide a clear roadmap for execution, including responsibilities, budget recommendations and a workable timeline. One of the most important outcomes to look for in a comprehensive digital strategy is clear steps on what happens next. We ensure these milestones cover both the short and long-term future, so you can execute quick wins immediately while also planning for the next quarter - and beyond!

Experienced digital strategists

Team Gorilla has been trusted to develop digital strategies for some of the largest and fastest growing companies in Australia. We bring 10+ years of industry experience to the table, including deep expertise across the entire digital spectrum - from customer research to competitor analysis and tactical execution.


Your ideal customers

It’s time to take customer centricity and the “client-first” mentality to a whole new level. Your ideal customers must be at the heart of your entire digital strategy. This ensures your messaging and approach is laser-focused and tailored towards achieving your desired outcome. Where do your ideal customers hang out online? What platforms do they use? What motivates them?

Channel mix

Choosing the right marketing channels drives ROI, marketing efficiency and, most importantly, engages your customers where they want to be engaged. We help you build a presence across the right marketing channels with a message that is tailored to both your unique product/service offering and your ideal client. How do your customers move across channels? What’s the right combination of paid, earned and owned media?


Industry expertise

We’ve strategically built our team to acquire strong expertise across a number of industries, including travel, retail, finance, building/construction, and education. In fact, Gorilla has developed and executed wildly successful digital strategies across all of these industries and more, and we’d be thrilled to help you too.

We develop data-driven digital marketing strategies in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Newcastle and across Australia.

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Digital Strategy FAQs

What is a digital marketing strategy?

A digital marketing strategy is a complete plan for your digital marketing activities. It spells out exactly where your company should be visible online in order to maximise growth. It also breaks down how your company should be engaging with your ideal customers as well as the budgets, tactics and timeline required to execute the activity. Your complete digital strategy is a comprehensive, actionable presentation and document that you, your team or an agency can start implementing today.

What does a digital marketing strategy include?

A digital marketing strategy is unique for every company because every company is unique. However, some common inclusions are customer research, defining your ideal customer, customer journey analysis, competition and industry analysis, SWOT analysis, digital channel planning, key message planning, budgets, timeline, ROI estimates and, importantly, how to track performance. It’s safe to say we’ve got enough marketing meat to sink our teeth into with this kind of project!

What is the outcome of the digital marketing strategy?

The key outcome of a digital marketing strategy is a rock-solid plan for how to use online marketing to grow your company. Any strategy worth its salt should provide a detailed roadmap including next steps, responsibilities, budgetary requirements and a timeline of execution.

How much does a digital marketing strategy cost?

Unlike McDonald’s orders, each digital marketing strategy is tailored to a specific client’s needs, so the cost varies. We often slice digital strategies into a few significant milestones. This helps streamline the process for us and spread the cost out for you – win, win!

Do you work with big companies or small companies?

Both! Most of our digital strategy work is with medium to large-sized organisations. However, we do work with smaller companies and start-ups who require consulting on their digital strategy. Whatever the circumstances, if you’re looking to grow your business online then we’ll always be eager to help make that happen.

Who will execute my digital marketing strategy?

This decision is up to you! Most often, it’s a bit of a team operation. The execution work is generally shared by the client, Gorilla 360 and other specialist agencies.

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