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Conversion rate optimisation helps you drive more conversions from your existing website traffic. Because digital marketers love a sexy acronym, we call it CRO for short.

When curious visitors land on your site, they are looking for a nice, smooth signposted path to guide them to their destination. Purchasing a product or completing an enquiry form are examples of conversions that require some navigating and decision making from your soon-to-be customer. When the user experience is difficult or frustrating, the conversion window slams shut.

The rate at which conversions occur is a decisive lever to boost the bottom line of your business. Even a small increase to your conversion rate leads to amplified revenue over time.

The key to unlocking conversion improvement comes from data analysis. Our CRO methodology is data driven, making full use of analytics, heat mapping and movement tracking. Collecting and analysing this data using leading industry tools eliminates the need for guesswork or psychic powers.

A/B and multivariate testing processes help us visualise opportunities to incrementally enhance your conversion performance. In many cases, we have found that focusing on increasing the rate of conversion for current visitors is more effective than an overall traffic growth strategy.

If you’re serious about improving your conversion rate performance, pop the hood and invite the Gorilla team around for a closer inspection. If you would like more details, we’ve highlighted some of the finer points of our conversion rate optimisation services below.

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Revenue growth

We’ve been working with Gorilla for over 2 years and during that time our organic traffic and revenue have increased significantly. 


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Highly recommended

In such a short time they have increased our Google rankings, website traffic and halved our Google Adwords cost per click. They have done wonders for our digital marketing and I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Matt Atherton
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Their proactive approach beyond SEO and thinking outside the box to look at new ways to increase our online conversion has been excellent for taking our business forward.


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Low hanging fruit

Every gorilla loves a good bit of low hanging fruit and CRO keeps our intake right up there. Often the biggest wins in digital marketing are within arm’s reach, but the temptation is to go chasing a mirage above the canopy.

We kick-off most CRO campaigns by getting runs on the board early, using industry accepted strategies to identify immediate opportunities for improvement.

A/B testing and content experiments

We aim to make your customers time on site a joy, by changing, tweaking and combining on-page elements. With measured performance and data-led changes, we continually refine key pages to boost engagement and increase conversion. We test our theories individually, using marketing experiments to come to validated conclusions. Based on site metrics, we may employ A/B or multivariate tests to inform our process.

Understand your customer

When people don’t convert, it’s our job as conversion rate optimisation agency pros to understand the reason—maybe the price is too high, the product description is not compelling enough, the website is lacking credibility or there isn’t enough proof to back up the claims.

Customer insights compiled during the CRO process will help you take the most-common objections and creatively address each one. This might include use of elements such as testimonials, email nurturing, peer reviews, incentives, case studies, or helpful content that can help smooth the bumps of your customer’s journey.

Heat maps and user experience (UX) tracking

Wouldn’t it be great to peer over your customers shoulder whilst they navigate around your site. To see what they see. To act on what they do. UX tracking records the experiences of users on your site so we can follow their actions. Heat mapping tools like hover maps, scroll depth maps, and click maps give us insights to analyse key website elements and enhance future interactions.

User testing

Move beyond understanding what happens with users on your site, and find out why. Using real customers and real interactions, we’ll identify habits, find stumbling blocks, and increase conversions. Our video testing, shopper exit surveys and real time questionnaires will get straight to the heart of the user journey.

Landing page creation and optimisation

You’ll need a flexible, real-time approach to creating and editing landing pages. With data gathered and insights gained, we feed the findings into design and content elements to test how these improvements shape up on new landing pages. We want to help you make those small, quick changes that can have huge impacts on conversion rates.

Checkout optimisation

Nothing is more heartbreaking for an ecommerce business than shoppers abandoning their carts at the last minute. This is where an experienced CRO agency can have a huge impact on your overall revenue. Checkout experiences that are long, convoluted and confusing will drive your paying customers into the arms of a competitor in a heartbeat. By rethinking the checkout process from the customer perspective, we can learn which elements work and which could use a tune up to ensure maximum revenue landing in your bank account.


Many of the world’s greatest scientific discoveries were completely unexpected. Just Like Steven Tyler, we don’t want to miss a thing, so we check and review the results of every test. When something works, it’s implemented on the live site. Experience is everything.

Plus, we’re an agile bunch, so when we agree that something isn’t hitting the mark, our team are already working on a superior solution.


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