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Content is the fuel that keeps your entire marketing program running. For example, a simple, well written blog post can attract new customers to your website via Google search, it can also be promoted via your social media channels and through email to existing customers. One blog post - multiple marketing uses.

As a content marketing agency we're a little bit different. Our approach is simple: we create and promote marketing ‘assets’ that help grow your business for years to come.

You’ve probably heard about content marketing but maybe not fully understood it. Long story short, content marketing is about creating marketing that your customers actually want. Instead of paying advertising money to ram your message down their throat, you create marketing that actually attracts customers to you. It’s a long term marketing tactic, but highly scalable and proven to have big long term payoffs.

We Gorillas approach content marketing a little differently. While we love creating great blog posts and other content, our strength is in promotion. 80% of great content marketing is done after the content has been created. We don’t just sit back and wait for customers to roll in, we put your content in front of the right customers and bring them to your website.

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Exceedingly helpful


Scott has been a wonderful resource for us in improving our website SEO. He has been knowledgeable, patient and exceedingly helpful. Thanks Scott and team.


Adele Wardley
A Squared Advisers

Hire them!


The Gorilla Team are an incredible addition to our business. I literally have no idea how we could have launched a high end Global Brand Website without their help! They know SO MUCH and have taught us a lot about our online business. Total experts and an absolute pleasure to deal with on an ongoing basis - I'm literally telling everyone I can about them. Hire them!


Dara Donnelly
Simone Perele

A real interest


I was previously with a large firm that made many promises and delivered very little! I found Gorilla on Google search, I’m so glad I did, they answer the phone, get back to you and find solutions to your problems. We've been lucky to work with Redback and Gorilla 360. It's been a relief to have them take care of our digital marketing.


Scott O'Donohue
Dix Gardner

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Content Services

Content marketing strategy

Content marketing strategy

Content marketing is more than blogging and batch’n’blast email. We give you a strategic framework to attract, convert and retain customers. We map content to your sales journey to move customers down the conversion funnel:

  1. Discovery - from unaware to aware
  2. Consideration - from interested to researching
  3. Decision - from negotiation to purchase
  4. Evaluation - from using to satisfied
  5. Commitment - from repurchasing to evangelising

Your content strategy is documented to help you prioritise marketing efforts, measure ROI and ensure all content you create is helping build a loyal community of repeat customers.

Content writing

Writing regular content is time consuming and difficult. Rather than try to run your own little publishing company, why not rely on Gorilla’s team of experienced content marketing professionals to produce the quality content you need to achieve your business objectives? We know how to craft content that doesn’t just entertain or engage - we craft content to achieve conversion goals.
Content writing
Content optimisation for SEO

Optimisation for SEO

We use our expertise in search engine optimisation to ensure all content produced for your website is optimised for Google search results. We conduct detailed competitor analysis and extensive keyphrase research to understand the questions your customers are asking. We then prepare blog posts and content pieces to attract customers to your website and lead them down the sales path.

Content promotion and amplification

If you go to the time and effort of creating quality content, you can’t just wait for your target audience to find it amongst the never-ending online tsunami of noise that is the internet. We know exactly how to find your target audience, and serve up your content directly in front of your niche. Using a combination of influencer marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and email promotion - our team make sure you get the maximum amount of juice from every content piece.
Content promotion and amplification
Content calendar development

Content calendar

A well-managed content calendar enables you to regularly create consistent, valuable content that works towards a strategic goal. We help you develop a content calendar to prioritise your creation efforts. Your calendar ensures your team is always working on the most important, highest value content at any given time. Best of all - your content calendar will make sure that all your content marketing efforts are generating genuine business results.

Blog strategy and writing

We help you develop the regular blog content you need to fuel your marketing efforts. Our team knows how important any marketing investment is for your business. We make sure the time and money you spend on content creation generates a significant long term return. The blog article you publish today will still be attracting new customers in the years ahead.
Blog strategy and writing
Engage your customers for repeat sales

Engage your customers for repeat sales

Sustainable ecommerce businesses are built on loyal repeat customers. We help you prepare content that nurtures and retains your existing customers and positions you as the trusted company in your niche. The long-term ROI of this marketing approach exponentially outweighs that of continual advertising for new customers or discounting.

Content analytics and reporting

Content analytics is tough - what’s the value of a blog post or video? We help you measure your content to provide clear data on its value and contribution to your bottom line. We also help you understand which specific content pieces have worked and which haven’t. This supports you to refine your strategy and improve your creation and promotion processes.
Content analytics and reporting
Content training


Using content marketing to develop a huge tribe of repeat customers sounds phenomenal. But it can’t be that easy, right? How do you actually make this content marketing stuff work? You’re right. It’s not easy. You can’t turn your business into a brilliant publisher overnight. And audiences don’t just grow themselves.

Content marketing is not a tactic. To succeed, you need a scalable function within your business to create, produce, distribute and promote valuable and consistent content on a regular basis. The results take time, but when they arrive, they snowball.

We don’t just teach you how to write and promote your content - we’ll train your team to help you build a repeatable content marketing process that maximises your return on investment, and minimises your team’s time commitment.

Your Content Writing Partner in Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Australia wide.

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