The Opportunity


We’re offering Aussie uni students or recent graduates an epic online marketing internship.

We work with some of the biggest and smallest companies in Australia to help them dominate their niche online. Plus we run one of the most popular marketing blogs in Australia.

What this means for you is an internship with a difference - The Chimpternship. Yeh boy.

You'll have the chance to join our dedicated team and work on interesting clients, get published on our Jungle Gym blog and learn a host of new skills while you're at it.

So what's involved?

By the time you're done, your resume/portfolio/fridge will rep a whole lot more than just published articles.

You’ll have experience with:

  • Editorial planning
  • Blog writing
  • Online PR
  • Social media
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Content promotion

Most importantly, you’ll be writing. Lots of writing. And interviewing. And researching. And editing. Oh, and writing. Did we mention that?

We’ll also give you a formal written assessment after your internship that you can use as a reference.


Are you a good fit?


What do we need from a Chimptern? It’s pretty simple really.

We want the keenest undergraduate storytellers / comms pros / marketers in the countryThat’s all a little bit grandiose right? You want the deets.

Here’s the specs that’ll get us excited:

  • You have a fiendish passion to write
  • You might be completing (or have recently completed) a Business or Communications degree (or something similar) majoring in marketing, digital media, journalism, PR, or other associated topics
  • You want to learn how to edit, optimise and promote stories for a targeted online audience
  • You don’t inherently hate marketing
  • You’ve got big plans for yourself
  • You’re not scared of gorillas

We don’t care about experience. We just want curiosity and ambition.

Why do we gorillas want to help?

We’re caring, sharing folk.

Primates cop a bad rap (not a Pit Bull song; a reputation for being mean and scary). We online marketing gorillas are much more approachable than you’d expectHelping people is what we’re here for. 

Humble roots is where we are from. We were once young, green, and eager. The Chimpternship is not just about blind generosity. It helps us to help you. We want to find talented people to come and work for us.

The Nitty Gritty

We take Chimpterns throughout the year. So send your application anytime.
How long
Flexibility is one of our noted strengths. Days, times, hours – all negotiable. Let us know if you're completing the internship as part of your study or just for your own experience.
Gorilla HQ is in the heart of Newcastle West. You’ll be spending most of your time here if you are the lucky Chimpern. Delicious cafes and world class coffee are within walking distance. We’re spoilt gorillas. We’re also not opposed to some work from home hours.
James and Melissa

“It’s not often in an internship that you feel valued for your time and energy, but these guys know what it’s like to be juggling work and study so they make the entire process as valuable and flexible as possible,” Melissa Newphry said.

Melissa now works full time for Gorilla 360.

Read the full article on Hunter Headline

How to apply

We're not looking for your standard CV and cover letter. Instead get in touch and let us know:
  • Who you are
  • Do you have a specific time you need to complete an internship by? eg End of semester X?
  • Why are you looking for an internship? For example, do you need to complete the internship as part of your study, or is this something you are doing for your own experience?
  • What writing samples can you send us? Eg blog posts, articles you have written? (Preferably not uni assignments/essays, these are usually a bit too formal for simple Gorillas like us)
  • What paid work have you done? Hospitality? Marketing/comms? Family business? Part time job?

Cheeky hint
Try to tell us a story to convince the tribe you are worthy. A non-fiction story. That might help. Oh and to make sure you have some attention to detail, find a way to include the word “salmon” somewhere in your application.

Brevity will win you friends. The best kind of economy is word economy. Everyone who hated maths knows that.
Go on...
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Good luck!

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