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Why Great Website Content Helps Get Backlinks (and Rankings)

SEO is a fluid, ever-changing industry.

One year we’re building millions of links and topping search results without a second thought. The next, Google upgrades their algorithm and we have to work much harder for a single link, having to take into account quality over quantity.

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Voice Search Is Here – Your July Monthly Bundle

Typing on a smartphone is old school.

Voice search is where it’s at.

By the time you have taken out your phone, opened your browser, typed in the query, scanned the results and clicked on your preferred answer, maybe you’ve wasted 30 seconds?

Compared this to voice search and you’ll get an answer in the next five seconds.

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3 Reasons You Need Juicy Backlinks For Higher Rankings

Building backlinks can be super time consuming. Trust us - we know. The Gorilla team has spent countless hours chasing down links, doing all we can for them apart from begging...

...okay, there might have been some begging.

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7 Types Of Backlinks Every Website Owner Can Build

They’re one of Google’s top three ranking factors, coming in first above website content and RankBrain, a component of Google’s algorithm which uses machine learning to determine the most relevant results for search engine queries.

You can collect backlinks through link building i.e. getting other websites to link to your own. A link helps users navigate between pages on the internet, plus helps search engines crawl through individual pages to entire websites.

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8 Local SEO Ranking Factors You Need To Know

New to the SEO jungle?

Becoming the king or queen of Google - ah, I mean, ranking first in Google's local search results - can help you achieve far more customers and clients than ever before.

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Using Suppliers and Business Contacts to Get Backlinks

Sometimes increasing your local SEO ranking can be an uphill battle.

You can spend weeks optimising pages on your website, amping up internal linking, improving page speed, and working hard to improve your keyword rankings, but results can still come in at a snail’s pace.

Google can be a cruel mistress. We know how frustrating she can be.

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Search Engine Optimisation Explained - Your May Monthly Marketing Bundle

This month is about understanding what determines your website's Google ranking.

One of the greatest challenges with learning SEO is the amount of misinformation and out-dated strategies that make it difficult to understand how to improve your overall ranking.

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New website SEO: The 3-speed guide to optimising your new site

Every time a brand new website goes live without SEO, a baby gorilla cries.

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How to get a 35 per cent CTR boost with Google star ratings – Your November Monthly Bundle

The Melbourne Cup may have stopped the nation this month, but digital marketers have gone into overdrive as the Christmas shopping season hits full flight. 

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Building a Customer Journey Map into Your SEO Strategy

Welcome to the experience economy.

Where the customer experience is more important than the product itself.

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