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AdWords Changes Explained - Your April Monthly Marketing Bundle

As digital marketing professionals and business owners, we are continuously developing strategic business plans, optimising marketing campaigns and replying to dozens of emails.

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What return should you expect from your PPC ecommerce ads?

Spending your online store’s hard-earned on pay per click advertising is often riddled with anxiety and uncertainty.

Just like a real auction - you’re bidding on a potential windfall.

Problem is, you don’t quite know how high you can go.

The same questions swirling around in a first-home owner’s mind are the problems an ecommerce advertiser has to reckon with...

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Why your ecommerce advertising budget has probably been robbed

“Perhaps the most important problem we have in the advertising and marketing ecosystem is fraud in the digital advertising supply chain”

ANA President and CEO, Bob Liodice.

Bob’s right.

Online advertising is infested with an invisible disease.

And you probably had no idea..

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For ecommerce sales, which is better? SEO or PPC?

I bet you're expecting another one of those classic pro's and con's articles where the key points are carefully laid out for the reader to make their own informed decision.

Well, not today.

I'm going to give you my answer straight up, then convince you to believe it. No independent editorial high horse here.

SEO is better than PPC

Broad statement, but I believe it.

I can hear the sticklers winding up already.

Of course, the SEO or PPC debate depends on your objectives. But as a long term investment, taking time and costs into account, quality SEO should come out on top if you're looking for ecommerce sales.

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Product Listing Ads advice to supercharge your ecommerce sales

A picture paints a thousand words.

Another cliché riddled, prophetic start to an online marketing blog post. Apologies. Bear with us though...

You don't get much more than fifty words in your regulation Adwords display ad.

So if you could use a picture you would right?

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How To Use Negative Keywords To Get The Most From Your Adwords Spend

What Are Negative Keywords?

A negative keyword is a term you add into your Adwords account. This stops your ad from appearing when someone searches for that particular term.

Negative Keywords can help you stop wasting your Adwords spend on people not interested in what you sell. Your click through rate will be sure to thank you for it.

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6 New Ways To Get More Sales From Your Ecommerce Adwords Campaign

Those sneaky folks at Google are constantly testing and releasing new features for their Adwords services.

Fresh extensions regularly pop up, helping you to enhance the performance of your Adwords advertising.

Sometimes it seems hard to keep up. Sometimes we wonder how Google keeps up.

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Everything You Need to Plan an Effective Ecommerce Adwords Campaign

You want to attract more customers to your website and increase your online sales.

Google Ads can give you the fast track to hammer away at each of these goals.

Astute planning before you set up your Adwords campaigns will help you drive lower cost, more qualified traffic to your website.

I'll let you in on our online jungle wisdom to help you maximise your return from the start of your campaign.

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How Do You Write A Successful Ecommerce Adwords Ad? Learn From These Great Examples

Want to know what makes a good Google Adwords ad?

Simple - one that sells.

I know what you're thinking - "Thanks Scoop".

I should go into some more detail.

Here's the lessons I've learned from analysing the ads of the best brands around...

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Pros and cons of call tracking numbers

Call tracking phone numbers can be great for your marketing campaigns, but it's important to know the possible downside for local SEO.

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