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Your Monthly Bundle of Ecommerce Marketing Learning: April

As always, we gorillas have searched far and wide across the internet's forest floor to collect all the ecommerce info you need to help your site grow up nice and strong.

If you’re selling online, April’s been an important month. Sliced up by a chunk of public holidays, it’s probably flown right by you.

Lucky, we’ve got your back on the whole ‘keeping up with the industry’ bit.

Lots happened.

We noticed 3 ‘hot button’ issues that we wanted to share with you (those quotation marks will make sense soon).

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Fastest growing retailers have 3 things in common - Your March Ecommerce Bundle

Our team of ecommerce marketing gorillas have been busy fossicking around the online jungle. As always, we've pulled together the most valuable sustenance of the month to help your online store grow up nice and strong. You don't have to feel like you're missing out anymore. Just wait for the gorillas to bring home the goodness.

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This March we’re talking personalised email marketing, the 3 things that successful ecommerce companies shares and the secrets to cracking the US market.

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The Ecommerce Marketing Roundup: February

Each month our tribe of gorillas scavenge far and wide across the online marketing forest floor to bring you the best of the ecommerce bunch.

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This Feb we're talking interactive product pages, user generated content and the importance of developing a documented content marketing strategy.

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Ecommerce CMS comparison guide: How to choose the right platform for your online store

The best ecommerce CMS is…

That’s what you want to know isn’t it.

You’re just thirsting for someone to tell you.

Just one answer.

No ifs, no buts, no conditional advice, no splintered opinions.


It’s not that easy. There’s no simple answer. Unfortunately, things are heavily dependent on you and your company’s needs.

We’ll explain though. By the end of this post you should have a much better idea of the CMS platform to suit your online store.

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SEO friendly URLs: One simple hack to help you sell more online

One of the most effective ways to boost your ecommerce site’s SEO performance is also one of the simplest.

You need to optimise your URLs to include descriptive, relevant keyphrases.

That’s pretty much it. Blog post over.

Okay, I’ll give you a little more detail. It really is almost that simple though.

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The questions you need to ask to find the best ecommerce SEO agency

Trying to find the best possible SEO agency to help you improve your ecommerce site can be downright torturous.

Agency Salespeople are almost akin to politicians in their unrelenting positivity. They all seem a little like the Joker - all exaggerated grin and hyperactive laughter, but you get a nagging uneasiness that some pure evil is lurking underneath.

Okay, they’re not all maniacal, villainous criminals. But when you’re not an SEO expert, it can be hard to separate the chimps from the chumps.

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How to fix the 8 most common ecommerce SEO mistakes

For years, our team and I have been working on bringing more customers to ecommerce websites. For even more years, we’ve been helping all types of businesses with their SEO. We’ve helped everyone from cleaners and lawyers to governments and granny flat manufacturers.

Ecommerce SEO is the hardest to handle.

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How to implement an internal linking strategy for your ecommerce store

This article will show you exactly how to turn your website into an online content library - with a simple browsing system for search engines and your customers.

But, before I dish out the how-to goodness, you probably want to know why this internal linking thing is such a big deal...

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Internal Linking: the most underrated way to dominate ecommerce SEO

Internal links help Google. They can help your customers more.

That’s why they’re important.

You want potential customers to spend as much time as possible engaging with your content

Internal linking allows you to turn your site into a library.

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The ecommerce checklist to help you stop your SEO issues before they start

We’ve worked with ecommerce websites for almost a decade now. Now I work almost exclusively with online stores, trying to create, promote and optimise content to help these businesses meet and keep more customers.

So we know ecommerce SEO.

Still, ten years on, ecommerce sites never cease to scare the pants off me.

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