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Ecommerce content marketing strategy: the two most important parts

Okay I know right. Clickbait headline. That’s not our jam.

We’ll leave that to the ad cash hungry publishers and old school SEO geeks of the world.

So in the interests of not being the guy that’s all headline and no body (see right), here’s the straight up spoiler.

#1 Find a consistent story to share

#2 Develop a content marketing mission statement

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Do you have an ecommerce blog? Here's what to do (and what not to do)

What is a blog?

The word blog originated from “web log”. The boring Oxford Dictionary-ish definition of a blog reads:

“A collection of articles or blog posts organised in reverse chronological order on a website. A blog page displays the blog posts. A blog post is an individual article posted as a page within your website’s blog”

Sorry if we put you to sleep there. Who knew marketing could be so boring?

Your blog is so much more than that...

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Netflix's content marketing has changed TV advertising forever

Remember the good old days, where you sat through ten minutes of ads to see Chandler propose to Monica and you called your friends afterwards to debrief?

Do we even need to mention when Ross and Rachel were “on a break”?

Say no more.

The way we consume TV has changed forever. Gone are the days where we sit through an angry door salesman yelling at us through our screens.

And we have services like Netflix to thank for it.

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The content publishing war fought by the social media heavyweights

Each month we bring you the best of the online marketing bunch to send you into a laughter-induced learning coma.

This month, we shine the spotlight on the furious four way battle for our content publishing supremacy fought between the heavyweights of social media for an enourmous potential purse.

There's been a few big punches thrown between Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus and Twitter. Two of them have been left bloody and beaten.

Meanwhile the world cup has captured the world's attention, which inevitably catches marketer's attention. The big brands have jumped on the world game 'brandwagon' and we share some content marketing lessons from some of the best storytelling efforts of the tournament.

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Follow REI's content marketing map to dominate your ecommerce niche

There’s some odd businesses out there. Bacon Vodka. Leg Lamps. ‘Handerpants’. It’s a certain type of person that requires underpants for their hands. A strange person. I guess it improves handshake hygiene.

If you’re targeting a niche market, you know you can’t be all things to all people. But too many times we fall into this trap.

We often try to have the best of one thing for all people.

To dominate your niche, you need to have the best things for one specific group of people. Outdoors e-retailer REI have hiked the path to success. We'll show you their map and help you follow it.

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The digital marketing must read, why print is retro cool and producing remarkable content

Each month we bring you the best bits of the online marketing bunch to delight, educate, and funny-bone-tickle you. This month we update you on the most important document the online marketing world has seen this year, so grab yourself a cup of coffee and a banana to snack on and settle in for some learning.

We also give you an insight into the resurgence of print that has seen niche online publishers reversing the digital trend and turning to branded magazines.

To finish off, we share some differentiation inspiration from our new favourite blog, and a bunch of content marketing innovators.

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Print is content marketing retro-cool (and blogging is just so mainstream)

Print has become retro. The medium itself is now a means to stand out.

You don’t have to be these guys to remember the time when articles used to live on paper, not screens.

Now everyone has a website. Almost everyone has a blog. But does anyone have a brand magazine any more?

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How to grow an ecommerce content marketing powerhouse (and a luscious beard)

Slow and steady wins the race. Didn’t some turtle peddle that line?

Well, the hare can win with ecommerce marketing.

Hair, that is. Facial hair. Beards in particular.

That’s right, a beard products retailer built a $120,000 a month ecommerce business in 12 months. Not even Donatello moves that fast.

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Is the ‘New New’ the New Black in Ecommerce Content Marketing?

Custom Publisher Complex and US footwear giant Converse have teamed up to introduce their new ‘Cons’ range.

It’s not a TV ad. It’s not a magazine spread. Forget about billboards, display ads, social media contests, viral videos… Not for Cons.

Converse has created one big online storytelling episode in the format known within the publishing industry as a ‘Snow Fall’.

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The secret to storytelling, Facebook’s double dipping and making tax fun

Each month we bring you the best bits of the online marketing bunch to delight, educate, and funny-bone-tickle you.

The best of the bunch will save you the trouble of scavenging the internet's forest floor. Forget the low hanging fruit, these links are from the top of the April 2014 tree.

Read up, do better and thank us later…

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