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Are magazines in fashion again? The hot content marketing trend in ecommerce

What’s the one piece of content you look forward to the most?

Think about it…

I’ll bet it’s not a Facebook post.

It’s not a YouTube video.

Sadly, it’s probably not even this weekly blog article.

My guess – it’s part of a series. That's what get you hooked.

It could be the next episode of Game of Thrones. It might be the next Hunger Games film.

If you love fashion, there's a good chance it’s this month's edition of Vogue magazine that you just can’t wait to sit down and read.

People still care about print. Great magazines still make their subscribers excited.

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How user generated content can help online retailers beat the big guys

Caution: This article is intended for the little David’s of the ecommerce world.

Goliaths - you might want to leave some marketing goodness for the small end of town while you’re busy spending your gargantuan advertising war chest on your blood thirsty mass media bullying.

Kidding, we love you guys…

Davids - We want to help you find the big guy’s Achilles heel and make it to number one. User generated content is your weapon. Your corporate competitor’s soullessness is the heel.

Listen in...

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How Goulet Pens master user generated content without a hashtaggable product

UGC is now an ecommerce buzzword to rival the heavyweights of omni-channel and responsive design.

User Generated Content, or UGC, is a simple concept:

Your customers creating content for you.

Then sharing it with their friends and followers.

Sounds like a marketer’s dream, right?

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The story behind GoPro’s radical user generated content marketing strategy

GoPro have an extreme jump on the competition (pun firmly intended as always).

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Dear First Name, let's do ecommerce personalisation better

I recently moved offices. One of the most harrowing aspects of saying goodbye to my old digs was leaving behind my beloved favourite cafe.

Telling my barista (yes, she was MY barista) Gemma, that I would only be coming in for my small double latte when I was back in town for meetings was a heart-wrenching undertaking.

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The best ecommerce content marketing examples you’ve never heard of (and 1 you have that we can’t leave out)

We Gorillas want to help you learn from experience to dominate your own patch of online jungle, so the tribe at The Ecommerce Jungle Gym have pulled together 4 of our favourite ecommerce content marketing success stories to create an online repeat-customer-generating machine.

The content marketing programs of each of these four online retailers have been consistently delighting audiences for years.

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Email list building: 11 of the best "How I did it" stories

We've all been there. You're sitting by the barbecue, grease sizzling, the salacious smell of grilled meat in the air and an ice cool beverage in hand.

You're chatting with a bunch of friends. Inevitably you're dragged into some shop talk by that over enthusiastic friend of a friend.

Next thing you know, he's solving all of your business' problems with this one great 'technique' his buddy Angela used to revolutionise her company's marketing.

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Clickbait Headlines (sorry, I put all of my effort into the content)

Okay, don’t put All of your effort into the content.

Headines matter.

Title titans Upworthy, Buzzfeed and Viral Nova have built a business by developing an irresistible headline formula.

But an irresistible headline without the content to live up to the promise is cruel and unusual punishment for your audience.

So how do you balance your time between creating headlines that entice and content that delivers?

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Images in content marketing: the right way

Search engines are blind to images. Be the guide dog.

Image file names, image alt text and image descriptions are the Braille of the search engine world. Use your keywords here to help Google's robots understand what they can’t see.

Explain the image so that it would make sense to the reader, but remember that search engines are using your words to determine which queries your content shows for in search results.

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The Content Marketing Series - why a bunch of campaigns just isn’t enough

Each month we bring you a collection of our favourite picks from the very top of the online marketing tree. Prepare to chuckle, guffaw, snigger and/or learn.

This July, we’re all about consistency. You go to all that effort to come up with an amazing idea for content your customers will love.

Make the most of it!

Don’t just move on to the next one.

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