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Persuasive content writing is much easier than you think. Trust me.

With Australian consumers spending over 10 hours each day glued to an internet-connected device, the power of persuasion is critical to your website’s success. Persuasive content is about more than just a few zingy, Don Draper-esque one-liners.

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What is Big Content and How to Use it to Boost Your Web Traffic – Your December Monthly Bundle

As old Saint Nick saddles up those reindeer and another year draws to a close, we’ve combed the blogosphere to bring you a few digital marketing gifts to ponder as you head off for a few days in the sun.

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Building a Customer Journey Map into Your SEO Strategy

Welcome to the experience economy.

Where the customer experience is more important than the product itself.

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8 reasons why customer support is your most valuable ecommerce service

The term ‘Good Customer Service’ stands for helping customers make the best choices.

Your ecommerce brand needs to reduce your customer’s uncertainties, answer any questions, and establish enough trust to convince the shopper to pull the trigger and purchase.

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Why your smartest ecommerce SEO strategy is an investment in content marketing

The two words on every ecommerce marketing professional’s lips (and Twitter feed) this year are content marketing.

And the three letters on everyone’s blacklist are S-E-O.

Anyone selling online understands the value of attracting more potential customers through search engine referrals.

But Google is a scary, confusing beast, and SEO can seem more like a dangerous dark art than a digital marketing discipline.

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How to turn your online retail content marketing into a virtual shop assistant

Product descriptions just aren’t enough anymore.

What’s on the label, on the tin, or on the box is not enough to convince someone to buy your stuff.

Very few retailers run a store without someone there to help shoppers in person.

Online retailers can't afford to leave customers to fend for themselves.

You need to show your customers you care about them.

You don't have a team of friendly customer service assistants on hand to jump out of your online shopper’s screen and dazzle them with helpful, expert knowledge.

You have only your website to help guide browsers through their purchase.

Surely, the more helpful, entertaining, educational content you can provide, the better your chances of converting browsers into buyers. 

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5 content marketing ideas to turn your Christmas shoppers into loyal customers

This Christmas, I'd like you to spare a thought for the most over-worked, under-appreciated hero.

The forgotten friend saving you countless hours of frustration and heartache.

While you're enjoying the free hors-d'oeuvres, the delicious beverages and the friendly banter that comes with all pre-Christmas festivities, this unsung warrior slaves away to make your life easier...

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6 Christmas promotional ideas your customers will actually want

Imagine if you could create marketing your customers actually looked forward to receiving.

Just think for a minute how great it would be for your subscribers to look forward to your email marketing.

If this seems like a distant dream – you’re doing it wrong.

You need to put down the promotional megaphone and step away from the sales soap box. Start thinking about improving your customer’s shopping experience instead of just increasing their cart size.

Christmas is your one annual opportunity to meet a huge stampede of new customers. Instead of trying to maximise your sales – you should have a laser focus on turning these new visitors into loyal subscribers.

A little bit of customer friendliness now could be the difference between a one-off Christmas sale and a lifetime repeat customer.

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13 fresh ecommerce email ideas to turn your subscribers into loyal customers

When's the last time a customer thanked you for your marketing?

That's what you're aiming for right?

If not, you should be.

I want you to start thinking about the emotional impact your marketing has on your potential customers. You need to know how you want your audience to feel after they consume your content. 

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Why SurfStitch's new ecommerce business strategy gets perfect 10's all round

Australia’s gnarliest online retailer just made the most extreme ecommerce content marketing play this nation has ever seen. We’re already prepared to give these guys a perfect 10, and we’re pretty sure you will too when you take a deeper dive (buzzwords make the best puns) into their strategy.

SurfStitch started out (no prizes for guessing) selling surfwear. Recently, they’ve moved into the broader menswear market, stocking street, skate and performance clothing and accessories.

This new strategic direction led to the company’s recent decision to acquire the world’s largest user generated surf network, Magicseaweed, and surf lifestyle magazine Stab for a cool $13.8 million. 

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