10 Local business Google Ads hacks you can implement right now

Help customers find you easily online.

Increase foot-traffic to your store.

Get your phone ringing.  

All this is possible with a few local business Google Ads tips and tricks.

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SEO Glossary: All The Essential Lingo You Need To Know

When talking to a Gorilla, it must feel like we’re speaking gibberish.

I mean, literal gorillas don’t speak the human language… but SEO-ing Gorillas do.

While we always try to explain ourselves as best as we can, sometimes it can be hard for our clients to keep up with all the lingo linked with SEO. So, we’ve created a go-to glossary of terms for you to refer back to when you’re not quite sure what we’re on about!

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How to lower CPC with optimised landing pages

Are you using Google Ads?

Are you directing ad click clicks to your homepage?

If the answer is yes then you could be jeopardising your return on ad spend.

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5 Ways To Promote Your SEO Content Asset

Last month, we talked about how great website content helps to build backlinks.

Didn’t read the blog?

*tut tut*

It’s cool. I’m not offended. Let’s recap.

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How Google Protects Your Ads From Spammy Clicks

In 2017, about one in five ad clicks were fraudulent.

Now, let’s be clear from the start.

This article isn’t meant to scare you out of using Google Ads; quite the opposite in fact. The main goal is to educate you about those pesky spammy clicks.

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9 Types Of Backlinks Every Ecommerce Website Can Build

Ecommerce is one of Australia’s fastest growing industries. In fact, revenue from ecommerce is expected to show an annual growth rate of 8.8% and according statistics portal, Statista, there’s no stop in sight.

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Goal-Optimised Shopping Campaigns - Everything You Need To Know

Ready to learn the secrets behind Google’s new Goal-optimised Shopping campaigns?

In June, I was lucky enough to visit Sydney’s Google HQ for a Shopping Bootcamp.

This bootcamp didn’t involve any tire swings, vines to climb or cargo net crawls (although I would have been completely alright with that).

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Why Great Website Content Helps Get Backlinks (and Rankings)

SEO is a fluid, ever-changing industry.

One year we’re building millions of links and topping search results without a second thought. The next, Google upgrades their algorithm and we have to work much harder for a single link, having to take into account quality over quantity.

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SEO VS Google Ads: Where Do People Click?

SEO is savvy tactic if you’re in it for the long haul, but it’s going to take time, money and resources. Paid ads show instant results but conversions come to a halt as soon as the ads stop running.

So which one drives the most customers to your site? Where do people actually click?

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Voice Search Is Here – Your July Monthly Bundle

Typing on a smartphone is old school.

Voice search is where it’s at.

By the time you have taken out your phone, opened your browser, typed in the query, scanned the results and clicked on your preferred answer, maybe you’ve wasted 30 seconds?

Compared this to voice search and you’ll get an answer in the next five seconds.

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