Link building – Quantity or Quality?

Link Building Vote When it comes to building links to your website, what is more important - quantity or quality?

Search engines treat links to websites like votes. The more votes you have, the higher your website will rank. However there is a twist. Each link’s vote isn’t worth the same.

Links from popular and relevant sites are worth more to your ranking.

Let’s use an example.

An accounting firm's website has 300 links to it, mostly from generic business directories from overseas. A competitor has only 100 links but mostly from accounting related websites in Australia. Your competitor probably ranks higher than you.

What is a popular site?

A popular site is a website that:

  • Is an authority – e.g. has a URL.
  • Ranks well in search engines
  • Is domain that has been around for some time
  • Has lots of links to it
  • Receives more traffic than other sites
  • Has a high Domain Authority or PageRank

Domain authority and PageRank are 2 ways to measure how popular a site is in search engines. The higher the score, the better the potential ranking for the website. For example, Google Australia’s domain authority is 93 and PageRank is 8.

Google PageRank






PageRank is Google’s measure of a webpage's importance based on how many incoming links that page has from other websites. PageRank is out of 10. Check your website’s PageRank.


Domain Authority








Domain authority is SEO Moz’s, a company that provides SEO tools and resources, own estimate of the strength of your website is based on things likes total links and quality of those links. Find out your website’s Domain Authority.

Having too many poor quality links to your site can actually hurt your ranking – so be careful building links. A site is more likely to rank well if it has links from a mixture of sources. If your site is based in Australia, the majority should be from .au’s, should have a mixture of anchor text – that is, anchor text of your core keywords and not just your website address or brand name and from mostly (but not entirely) from websites with a high PageRank or domain authority.

If you are looking to increase the number of quality links to your site then a great place to start is with your competitors. Type their business name into Google and see what links come up. Contact the higher ranking sites to see whether they would be interested in linking to your site.

Good quality links can also come from being active on social media, submitting your business to respected online directories and people linking to your blogs.

To rank well in search engines, a website needs lots of links but not just from any old sites. The links need to be from quality sites that are relevant and popular. Link building is about quantity and quality. To start attracting links ensure your site has regularly updated, quality content that encourages people to link to it.

Have any questions about link building? Then let us know.


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