Vaida Pakulyte

Personalisation in ecommerce is hard enough without these 5 mistakes gobbling up your revenue

Amazon is a show-off.

The world's largest online retailer pioneered the practice of ecommerce personalisation. More than a decade ago, their personalised recommendations engine took the industry by the scruff of the neck and thrust it into a new era of online shopping.

Or so we thought.

Turns out Amazon is still the benchmark in ecommerce personalisation.

After many years of relentless leverage, over 30% of their revenue is now attributable to their trailblazing personalisation techniques.

These are genuine, sustainable, business-changing results.

But it’s not just the Amazons of the online retail world who have the chance to reap the benefits of ecommerce personalisation. There's plenty of room for every online retailer to be competitive in this arena.

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