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Do you need a new SEO agency? Look out for these 5 warning signs

Are you getting the most out of your SEO agency?

You’re sitting down reviewing your budget in preparation for the next financial year.

Things are going well.

Then you hit the ‘SEO’ line item.

You realise you have next to no idea how much value your SEO investment is worth.

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How to manage your ecommerce SEO strategy: the 5 best options explained

If you are an online retailer, you care about SEO.

(If you don’t, extract your head from that sandbox and sort yourself out. You’re feeding sales to your competitors.)

Problem is, SEO is complicated, especially if you’re selling online.

Most marketing all rounders don’t have the expert knowledge required to an ecommerce SEO strategy while they juggle the rest of their responsibilities.

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How to implement an internal linking strategy for your ecommerce store

This article will show you exactly how to turn your website into an online content library - with a simple browsing system for search engines and your customers.

But, before I dish out the how-to goodness, you probably want to know why this internal linking thing is such a big deal...

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Internal Linking: the most underrated way to dominate ecommerce SEO

Internal links help Google. They can help your customers more.

That’s why they’re important.

You want potential customers to spend as much time as possible engaging with your content

Internal linking allows you to turn your site into a library.

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The ecommerce checklist to help you stop your SEO issues before they start

We’ve worked with ecommerce websites for almost a decade now. Now I work almost exclusively with online stores, trying to create, promote and optimise content to help these businesses meet and keep more customers.

So we know ecommerce SEO.

Still, ten years on, ecommerce sites never cease to scare the pants off me.

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The 8 step DIY ecommerce SEO audit that could save you thousands

Ecommerce sites are complicated.

You’ve got category pages and product pages sprouting out from everywhere.

You’ve got to come up with helpful content for each of these pages.

You’ve got to try and make sure you optimise each individual page to dominate search engine rankings.

It feels more intimidating than the prospect of strolling in to your manager’s office and demanding a paid 12 week summer holiday to ‘recharge your batteries’ (see image right).

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How to make your ecommerce website crawl, before it walks

You’re probably wondering what your ecommerce store has to do with mischievous infants and early learning development.

Fret less, crawling is directly related to SEO and we will explain.

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5 extra juicy benefits of ecommerce SEO you (and your manager) need to understand

We all know that SEO helps you improve your Google rankings, which helps you get more website visitors, which helps you sell more stuff.

You’ve heard that all before. I’m not here to tell you the same old SEO story.

Instead, I want to open your eyes to some other benefits of investing in SEO for your ecommerce store that you might not automatically consider.

You can keep this list up your sleeve to answer that question you’re dreading every time you see your line manager pause in thought and look your way.

You know the one:

“So why are we doing this again?”

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For ecommerce sales, which is better? SEO or PPC?

I bet you're expecting another one of those classic pro's and con's articles where the key points are carefully laid out for the reader to make their own informed decision.

Well, not today.

I'm going to give you my answer straight up, then convince you to believe it. No independent editorial high horse here.

SEO is better than PPC

Broad statement, but I believe it.

I can hear the sticklers winding up already.

Of course, the SEO or PPC debate depends on your objectives. But as a long term investment, taking time and costs into account, quality SEO should come out on top if you're looking for ecommerce sales.

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The Proof: why you need an ecommerce SEO strategy

People search for information online. The internet gives your potential customers a virtual magnifying glass.

Often they look on search engines for information about stuff you sell.

You want them to find your information and buy from you.

So you need to understand how to optimise your content for search engines to help you find more customers.

SEO is important if you want more customers.

Article over.


I’ll explain in glorious detail.

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