Scott Evans

Coronavirus: Marketing ideas and inspiration to help you minimise the dip and accelerate the recovery

We’ve always said it’s a jungle out there and it definitely feels like things are a bit bananas at the moment. 

These past few days, we’ve been reviewing every single client in the Gorilla family and considering how the situation may affect them and developing individual action plans.

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Facebook News Feed Changes Explained – Your February Marketing Bundle

This month, we reveal why Facebook’s News Feed changes are not the end of the world for digital marketers, discuss Google’s makeover of its featured snippets, and serve up some easy hacks for website personalisation. Continue Reading

Australian digital marketing trends for 2018 – Your January Monthly Bundle

As we roll up our beach towels and head back to the office, our thoughts are turning back to the wonderful world of digital marketing and the must-know tactics that will ensure 2018 is your best year yet.

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What is Big Content and How to Use it to Boost Your Web Traffic – Your December Monthly Bundle

As old Saint Nick saddles up those reindeer and another year draws to a close, we’ve combed the blogosphere to bring you a few digital marketing gifts to ponder as you head off for a few days in the sun.

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How to get a 35 per cent CTR boost with Google star ratings – Your November Monthly Bundle

The Melbourne Cup may have stopped the nation this month, but digital marketers have gone into overdrive as the Christmas shopping season hits full flight. 

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Image recognition in digital marketing – Your October Digital Marketing Bundle

This month, we explain how new image recognition technology is bridging the gap between content and commerce, give you a sneak peek of two new Google Search Console features, ask whether links are still relevant to your SEO ranking, and show you how a footwear company increased their direct sales by a whopping 91 per cent.  

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Google Chrome warning: Now is the time to migrate to HTTPS

September is finally here and spring couldn’t have come soon enough. At Gorilla HQ, we’ve put our winter woollies in storage and are set for another season in the sun.

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Why Google’s YouTube Remarketing Announcement is Big News for Your Business – Your August Marketing Bundle

It has been shivers all round this month as we sneeze and sniffle our way through another ice-cold August.

This month, we explain Google’s big YouTube remarketing announcement, reveal what’s on the minds of digital marketing pros, and show you how educational content can boost your sales by a mammoth 131 per cent.

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How to avoid an SEO disaster during your online store site migration

There comes a point in every ecommerce website’s life when it’s time to grow up.

Things start to change, you’re maturing fast, and your old body just isn’t right anymore.

What you had before worked when your brand was young and naïve. But times have changed.

You need to evolve - to be bigger, better, stronger... it’s time for a new website.

We don’t mean to alarm you (but you probably already know) - but this can be a period of sheer horror.

Crippling stress, skyrocketing costs and ever-bloating deadlines are a potential site migration side effect.

If this is your first migration rodeo, you need to prepare yourself for the horror-riddled sleepless nights.

The last thing you can afford to forget during your new site’s development is search engine optimisation.

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Is SEO dead? Why Gorilla SEO is no longer

Is this one of those blog posts that wades through the pro’s and con’s of a highly debated issue pumped up by a collection of attention seeking “commentators” only to offer a fence-sitting conclusion asking us all to stay tuned?  

It’s a no on both counts.

SEO is most assuredly not dead. And no splinters here. 

But that’s not the end of the article. 

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