Melissa Newphry

10 ecommerce Instagram marketing examples to turn your likes into customers

Instagram changed the game.

The rules are a little different for Facebook’s trendy little bro.

Instagram isn’t a place to post links to your website.

It’s not a place to sell your products.

And it sure as hell isn’t the place for long winded blog posts.

It is the place to share the power of your image.

Whether your story is about fulfilling lifelong dreams, making a fashion statement or flaunting your last amazing meal - ecommerce marketers can tap into Instagram using images to resonate with, and grow their audience.

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Lessons from 9 of the best Twitter ecommerce marketing examples


In my experience you either love it or you hate it. 

Personally, I hate it. 

Just putting that out there. 

As a social media platform I find it lacking. I always feel like I’m missing out if I’m not constantly monitoring my feed’s every move. 

I don’t even know what to post on Twitter... 

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Lessons from 10 of the best ecommerce Facebook success stories

You’ve made the website, the UX is out of this world.

The layout, the navigation, the checkout experience - all smooth and clean.

Everything is almost perfect…

Except for one thing. 

There’s no one there. 

No one’s buying anything. 

Nada, zip, diddlysquat.

Your online store is a virtual retail ghost town.  

So, how do you get more potential customers to your online store?

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Pinspiration from 10 brands dominating with Pinterest ecommerce marketing

Pinterest Ecommerce Marketing is the social media gift that keeps on giving.

Your Facebook posts are only alive for a few hours before they are banished to the internet ghost town populated by long-lost MySpace accounts and the second page onwards of Google search results. You need to keep pushing that upload button if you want fresh engagement.

Tweets are like marketing fireworks. Mostly - they're sort of underwhelming. Sometimes they can be spectacular. And there's always a risk something might go horribly, catastrophically wrong. Regardless, they've been and gone within a matter of minutes.

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