Jessica Goerke

SEO VS Google Ads: Where Do People Click?

SEO is savvy digital marketing tactic if you’re in it for the long haul, but it’s going to take time, money and resources. Paid search ads (like Google Ads) show instant results but conversions come to a halt as soon as the ads stop running.

So which one drives the most customers to your site? Where do people actually click?

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Voice Search Is Here – Your July Monthly Bundle

Typing on a smartphone is old school.

Voice search is where it’s at.

By the time you have taken out your phone, opened your browser, typed in the query, scanned the results and clicked on your preferred answer, maybe you’ve wasted 30 seconds?

Compared this to voice search and you’ll get an answer in the next five seconds.

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7 ways to stop wasting your Adwords budget

AdWords budgets are like travelling to Europe for a holiday.

You’ve got $5,000 spending money between you and a significant other and are two weeks into your trip. So far you’ve explored all of Italy. You’ve said yes to every opportunity. Gelato, Murano glass, even a Venetian mask.

One night, you decide to check your bank statements.

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Local Business - Your June Monthly Marketing Bundle

If you own a local business then you’ll want to listen up.

There are a bunch of digital marketing industry changes that will impact how you operate your business, but don’t be scared. These changes are a good thing. In fact, they can help you bring in more customers in the long run.

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How to find GTINs and MPNs and where to upload them to your website

Want to start an AdWords Shopping campaign but don’t understand why you need to submit a GTIN and MPN? All the jargon is too confusing and you want someone to walk you through the process.

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Search Engine Optimisation Explained - Your May Monthly Marketing Bundle

This month is about understanding what determines your website's Google ranking.

One of the greatest challenges with learning SEO is the amount of misinformation and out-dated strategies that make it difficult to understand how to improve your overall ranking.

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AdWords Changes Explained - Your April Monthly Marketing Bundle

As digital marketing professionals and business owners, we are continuously developing strategic business plans, optimising marketing campaigns and replying to dozens of emails.

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Google Search Changes Explained - Your March Monthly Marketing Bundle

The Gorilla jungle is entering autumn but only because autumn is known as fall, doesn’t mean the marketing world is ‘falling short' of new digital marketing tactics.

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Post-purchase review mistakes

“84 per cent of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” - Local Consumer Review.

Customers look at reviews before making the decision whether to buy with your brand.

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Your guide to optimising reactivation emails and winning back inactive subscribers

Some people are in our lives for a day. Others remain for a year. A few last a lifetime.

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