James Dillon

The 2017/18 Retail Calendar you need to dominate your new financial year targets

The 30th of June is here.

You know what that means?

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Why your smartest ecommerce SEO strategy is an investment in content marketing

The two words on every ecommerce marketing professional’s lips (and Twitter feed) this year are content marketing.

And the three letters on everyone’s blacklist are S-E-O.

Anyone selling online understands the value of attracting more potential customers through search engine referrals.

But Google is a scary, confusing beast, and SEO can seem more like a dangerous dark art than a digital marketing discipline.

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Your Ecommerce Article Library - 100 of the best marketing resources arranged by topic

The Ecommerce Article Library

Click on your ecommerce marketing category of interest and you'll find a collection of the most reliable, insightful and practical articles on your topic to help you keep your industry knowledge ahead of your competition.



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The 10 stage retail brand strategy you need to grow an audience of loyal customers

Andrea Syverson is a retail strategist on a mission.

With decades of success stories smushed into her enviable track record, you’d think Andrea would be content to cruise along to the finish line.

Not Andrea. Her laurels aren’t a place for resting any time soon.

Andrea has successfully improved the customer experiences of brands like Hallmark, Ben & Jerry’s, World Vision and SPANX - and I want give you an insight into how she does it... 

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35 of the most innovative ecommerce startups

The start of a new year is a beautiful time, especially for an ecommerce professional.

First and most importantly - January is the furthest month away from Christmas and Boxing Day sales. 

Also - clean slate people!

New year, new goals.

Fresh strategy, fresh approach.

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The most interesting ecommerce experts you need to follow

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you work for an online retailer.

You know how important delivery can be in the ecommerce customer experience.

That moment when your customer signs for the courier.

That moment your customer gets a little pang of excitement at the prospect of opening their goodies.

That moment where you have a clean slate for your brand's first impression.

For those of you new to the vagaries of retail lingo, in the biz we call this moment of opening a package 'unboxing'.

Unboxing is a moment of instantaneous excitement and joy...

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The 2017 Retail Calendar you need to dominate the new year

January is here.

You know what that means?

The holidays.

They're gone.

Christmas is more than 11 months away.

And 2017 is here.

No more feasting. No more partying. No more festive cheer with friends and family.

Instead, this is what you have to confront each and every weekday...

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How you can overcome the biggest future challenges of ecommerce

Okay, it's time.

It's time to let go.

Santa is busy sorting out all those orders you've taken.

Or at least that is every online store owner's Christmas wish.

Wouldn't it be great if some plump old Norweigan dude actually offered to magically manage the fulfilment of all of your Christmas sales!

Thanks, old boy.

The week before December 25 signals the impending end of the online silly season mayhem (well, until the madness of Boxing Day Sales).

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions to help you stand out without a discount

Chocolates are delicious.

I bet you could gobble one up right now.

Only the lactose intolerant, weight-gain intolerant, or temptation intolerant can resist chomping down one of these when offered...

When we see a delicious little chocolatey treat, we're all-in.

But what happens when we're offered more than one little measly grabbable truffle ball?

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How you can use an ecommerce Christmas landing page to create a magical online gift shop

The month before Christmas is supposed to be a time to wind down and relax into holiday mode.

But for hospitality workers, elite footballers/basketballers/cricketers, big fat men with white bushy beards, and retail pro's - the end of the year means three terrible things.



And other people enjoying themselves while you're slaving away at work.

At some point each December, every ecommerce store owner runs this fantasy through their head.

Still, there's no point throwing around Bah Humbugs.

It didn't work for old Ebenezer Scrooge, and your festive party-pooping is only going to harm your chances of maximising Christmas sales for your retail brand.

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