Alex Taylor

Persuasive content writing is much easier than you think. Trust me.

With Australian consumers spending over 10 hours each day glued to an internet-connected device, the power of persuasion is critical to your website’s success. Persuasive content is about more than just a few zingy, Don Draper-esque one-liners.

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New website SEO: The 3-speed guide to optimising your new site

Every time a brand new website goes live without SEO, a baby gorilla cries.

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Building a Customer Journey Map into Your SEO Strategy

Welcome to the experience economy.

Where the customer experience is more important than the product itself.

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Are you talkin’ to me? - Google voice search, SEO & user intent

Search #1: “Optimise voice search trends fix website 2017

Search #2:  “Voice search blog SEO 2017

Search #3:  “Ok Google, find me a comprehensive, recent article that explains Google’s voice search functionality, with strategic tips for the future of SEO, preferably by an immensely talented and decidedly handsome writer

All of these are potential Google search queries that one might use to find a blog post just like the one you are reading now.

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Artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Robot Apocalypse

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) has been on the periphery of mainstream consciousness for decades now. As the tech curve really ramps up, AI is working its way into our newsfeeds and everyday lives more often.

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