Your Free Ticket To Success: 2019 Australian Marketing Calendar

Want to know the secret to a successful ecommerce business?

Planning, marketing, a hell of a lot of hard work, and more planning.

Business owners in ecommerce know how valuable sales and promotional periods can be - 40% of annual revenue comes from October, November and December. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles Day, Christmas and Boxing Day are now some of the most profitable days of the financial year, leaving you with hundreds of orders to pick-and-pack before taking a much-needed break over Christmas.

Santa’s a cruel but generous mistress.

Christmas sales via Jimmy Fallon

Getting the most out of promotional events requires a lot of planning and preparation.

For example, ecommerce business owners need to have engaging marketing material prepped ahead of time, working discount codes and promotions loaded into Google Shopping WELL ahead of time.

Google takes around 24-48 hours to register discounts via Google Shopping - even longer around major sales events - so it’s crucial to be prepared at least a week in advance to get your promotions, campaign emails and social media ready.

Running a sale can be nerve-wracking. Here at Gorilla, we can help plan, manage and execute promotions - but we need to know what your priorities are when it comes to specific sales events...

...and we’ve got just the thing to help figure this out.

Say hello to our 2019 Australian Marketing Calendar

Bow down before our marketing calendar, guaranteed to help plan ahead and manage upcoming sales throughout 2019.

The Gorilla team have compiled all of the essential seasonal events, public holidays, and industry conference dates into one simple, free, downloadable calendar.

Just print it out and slap it on a wall or on the first page of an organiser - we’ll help keep track of all the important dates in ecommerce and marketing for you, so you never miss a beat - or a promotion.

What’s in your 2019 Australian Marketing Calendar?

What’s the benefit of downloading our ~free~ digital marketing calendar?

You’ll get access to:

  • #1. Key monthly and quarterly marketing dates
  • #2. Important Australian marketing conferences and industry events
  • #3. All the national holidays, seasonal events, sale periods, school terms, festivals and sporting events to help manage promo schedules

You can use our Australian Marketing Calendar to keep on top of marketing opportunities and sales events throughout the year. Prepare ahead of time and beat customers to the checkout, so their experience is second-to-none.

You’ll see customers returning in droves throughout the year, raving about your fantastic sales and checkout process.

Prepping for sales and events ahead of time is invaluable to your business. So you might want to download our Australian Marketing Calendar!

Download the Gorilla 2019 Australian Marketing Calendar FREE!

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