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Image recognition in digital marketing – Your October Digital Marketing Bundle

This month, we explain how new image recognition technology is bridging the gap between content and commerce, give you a sneak peek of two new Google Search Console features, ask whether links are still relevant to your SEO ranking, and show you how a footwear company increased their direct sales by a whopping 91 per cent.  

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Your guide to optimising reactivation emails and winning back inactive subscribers

Some people are in our lives for a day. Others remain for a year. A few last a lifetime.

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Are you talkin’ to me? - Google voice search, SEO & user intent

Search #1: “Optimise voice search trends fix website 2017

Search #2:  “Voice search blog SEO 2017

Search #3:  “Ok Google, find me a comprehensive, recent article that explains Google’s voice search functionality, with strategic tips for the future of SEO, preferably by an immensely talented and decidedly handsome writer

All of these are potential Google search queries that one might use to find a blog post just like the one you are reading now.

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Upsell your customers with automated product recommendations

Helpful product recommendations are your chance to increase your customer’s overall cart value.

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Google Chrome warning: Now is the time to migrate to HTTPS

September is finally here and spring couldn’t have come soon enough. At Gorilla HQ, we’ve put our winter woollies in storage and are set for another season in the sun.

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Reduce ecommerce returns and increase repeat sales - your guide to post purchase advice emails

Offering your customer's product advice is a great way to build a positive image of your brand and gain referrals.

Often, customers buy a product but don't understand how to use and maintain it.

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How to master post-purchase review emails

Customers love reviews.

Reviews are like having a date with your customer. You want to be your best self and make a good impression.

You care about your date’s likes and dislikes and want to make their life a little easier.

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Artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Robot Apocalypse

The concept of artificial intelligence (AI) has been on the periphery of mainstream consciousness for decades now. As the tech curve really ramps up, AI is working its way into our newsfeeds and everyday lives more often.

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Helpful post-purchase delivery emails to build the brand-customer relationship

You’ve passed the first phase by securing the sale.

The second phase was also ticked when you thanked the customer for purchasing with you.

Now you’re at the third stage. Shipping and delivery.

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Why Google’s YouTube Remarketing Announcement is Big News for Your Business – Your August Marketing Bundle

It has been shivers all round this month as we sneeze and sniffle our way through another ice-cold August.

This month, we explain Google’s big YouTube remarketing announcement, reveal what’s on the minds of digital marketing pros, and show you how educational content can boost your sales by a mammoth 131 per cent.

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