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What is Big Content and How to Use it to Boost Your Web Traffic – Your December Monthly Bundle

As old Saint Nick saddles up those reindeer and another year draws to a close, we’ve combed the blogosphere to bring you a few digital marketing gifts to ponder as you head off for a few days in the sun.

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New website SEO: The 3-speed guide to optimising your new site

Every time a brand new website goes live without SEO, a baby gorilla cries.

I don’t think you want that. I know I don’t.

Since we’re on the same page about the howling infant primates, let’s get up to speed on how to optimise a new site for search visibility.  

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How to get a 35 per cent CTR boost with Google star ratings – Your November Monthly Bundle

The Melbourne Cup may have stopped the nation this month, but digital marketers have gone into overdrive as the Christmas shopping season hits full flight. 

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How Small Online Retail can Compete Against the Arrival of Amazon in Australia

Have you heard the news? One of the largest web-based retailers in the world is making a move to Australia.

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Building a Customer Journey Map into Your SEO Strategy

Welcome to the experience economy.

Where the customer experience is more important than the product itself.

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Post-purchase review mistakes

“84 per cent of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” - Local Consumer Review.

Customers look at reviews before making the decision whether to buy with your brand.

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Image recognition in digital marketing – Your October Digital Marketing Bundle

This month, we explain how new image recognition technology is bridging the gap between content and commerce, give you a sneak peek of two new Google Search Console features, ask whether links are still relevant to your SEO ranking, and show you how a footwear company increased their direct sales by a whopping 91 per cent.  

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Your guide to optimising reactivation emails and winning back inactive subscribers

Some people are in our lives for a day. Others remain for a year. A few last a lifetime.

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Are you talkin’ to me? - Google voice search, SEO & user intent

Search #1: “Optimise voice search trends fix website 2017

Search #2:  “Voice search blog SEO 2017

Search #3:  “Ok Google, find me a comprehensive, recent article that explains Google’s voice search functionality, with strategic tips for the future of SEO, preferably by an immensely talented and decidedly handsome writer

All of these are potential Google search queries that one might use to find a blog post just like the one you are reading now.

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Upsell your customers with automated product recommendations

Helpful product recommendations are your chance to increase your customer’s overall cart value.

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