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Coronavirus: Marketing ideas and inspiration to help you minimise the dip and accelerate the recovery

We’ve always said it’s a jungle out there and it definitely feels like things are a bit bananas at the moment. 

These past few days, we’ve been reviewing every single client in the Gorilla family and considering how the situation may affect them and developing individual action plans.

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Convert Your Customers with 4 Changes to Your Product Page

A product page is like a salesman.

It should be able to answer the customer’s questions about the product, make it really clear why they should purchase, and make it easy for them to get the item they want.

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3 ways you can repurpose your blog to drive website traffic & sales

Blogging is one of those marketing strategies business owners should be doing, but often don’t have time to do.

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6 Things Ecommerce Stores Need To Know About Google Shopping Ads In 2019

So you want to learn the six secrets to reaching your ecommerce sales revenue targets, ‘eh?

Here’s the inside scope into how we’ll be using Google shopping ads to help reach our customers’ return on ad spend goals.

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3 Reasons Why Your Ecommerce Business Should Be Blogging In 2019

Blogging: the Achilles Heel of all business owners from lead generation to ecommerce.

For retail business owners, it’s simple enough to brush off blogging as an unimportant, non-issue. You’re all about increasing sales and offering stellar customer service.

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2019’s local search ranking factors to help get more customers to your store

What are your local SEO goals?

This is a question we ask all our clients. The most popular answers are:

  • To rank number one on Google

  • To get more leads/sales

Ultimately, every client’s end-goal is to make money.

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Your Free Ticket To Success: 2019 Australian Marketing Calendar

Want to know the secret to a successful ecommerce business?

Planning, marketing, a hell of a lot of hard work, and more planning.

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The 2019 Australian digital marketing trends you need to know about

As 2018 draws to a close and 2019 fast approaches, it’s time to pack up our desks and relax with an icy cold bevvy in hand.

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10 speedy ways to improve your Google Ads click-through rate and get more sales

Throwing together a haphazard Google Ads campaign will almost invariably lead to underwhelming results.

If you want high-converting campaigns, you’ll need careful keyword research, unique ad creative and an engaging landing page.

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Kick some SEO goals by learning how to set SMART ones!

So, you want to build an online presence, huh?

Want to see more enquiries and calls coming through, eh?

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