Our story

The Gorilla tribe was formed way back in 2011. Nathan and Scott both quit their marketing management jobs and stopped working the corporate 9-5.

Specifically, Gorilla started out as a digital web design agency. The guys worked with a bunch of businesses in the Newcastle area, before specialising in SEO and Google advertising. Google was really starting to take over the online world, and Gorilla became one of Australia’s most trusted agencies as businesses started to understand the need to build traffic to their websites with search engine marketing.

Over the years, the tribe has continued to expand and evolve along with the industry and Google’s ever-changing algorithm. In 2015, Gorilla SEO became Gorilla 360. Our focus is still 100% helping our clients get more customers and sales via their website - but we’ve added some extra weapons to our armoury to help achieve it. We now help clients dominate their online niche with a more holistic digital marketing strategy.

'Why Gorilla 360?'

First, the 360

Well, this is what happens when digital marketing nerds try to do symbolism. And no, we’re not another one of those agencies pretending to be a one-stop-360-degree-shop. It’s the cyclical thing. We’re all about the long term you see.

We don't do ad hoc jobs. We do strategic, continuous programs.  We build audiences and turn them into repeat, loyal customers. Our gorillas make sure your marketing investment turns into valuable business assets that keep on delivering a compounding customer return.

You see what we did? 

The flywheel, the snowball effect, pushing a large spherical item down a hill… Whatever metaphor you like, lots of strategic effort at the start brings you constantly increasing momentum.

Next, why Gorilla?

Well, because gorillas are awesome… Yup, that’s pretty much it.

Founding Gorilla

As our chief Account Manager, Nathan helps to find, seduce and delight our clients. In a helpful, non-euphemistic way. He’s the calm voice of reason for us gorillas, and the sage oracle of online marketing advice for our treasured clients.

Founding Gorilla

Scott’s a certifiable SEO fiend. The man lives to audit websites and improve conversionYou’ll find him meeting, greeting and keeping new clients with his unique blend of zany charm and mad scientist digital skill. 
 Bec Hart.png

Digital Account Manager

Bec is a digital marketing all-rounder with the perfect mix of strategic knowledge and the ability to execute. Bec knows exactly how to prioritise your marketing investment to make sure you're spending your time and cash on the right areas of your business. 

Office Manager

Rohie keeps the Gorillas from going wild. She's the tribal leader, and when anything at Jungle HQ goes awry - Rohie swings in from the vines with one of her miraculous remedies. She's also the keeper of the Gorilla treasure chest. If you want to talk turkey with a gorilla, Rohie's your go-to primate.
Lissy Newphry.png

Digital Account

This primate's power lies in her pen - and boy does it pack a punch. Lissy knows exactly how to use the customer-converting triad of blogging, email and SEO to help you dominate your online niche. Apart from her content marketing prowess, Lissy also holds the title of most qualified online digital researcher in the business. 

Content Manager

James tells stories for a living. He’s all about teaching brands how to create their own internal media empire. James spends most of his day writing, editing and reading. Otherwise, he just seems to drink coffee and dress casually. Oh, and don't talk to him about the future of advertising...

Digital Account

Alex is our content and social specialist, but unlike so many mysterious 'millennial' folk - he knows exactly how to use social to drive genuine business results. With post grad qual's in social media research, AT has some serious cred to back up his A-grade writing chops.

Graphic Designer

Anne has the hardest job in the jungle. It's up to her to turn the tribe's toil into something beautiful. Our repeat-customer-generating content would not work without Anne's design expertise. After working with Virgin, Amnesty International and B&T Magazine - Anne knows top quality, and she won't stand for anything but.

Content Creator

Shane isn't just a phenomenal wordsmith - he knows how to arrange those words to turn readers into customers. Shane is passionate about helping the tribe's clients take on the big guys. During his years working with the likes of NAB, Toyota, Lenovo, AMEX and Suncorp, Shane has been behind the scenes with the best in the biz.

Accreditations and affiliations

Google Partner
Google Analytics
National Online Retailers Association
Power Retail
Web Industry

Our difference

There are three things we stand for that make us completely different to any other agency you’ve worked with.



Your success is our number 1 priority. Together we establish clear KPIs so you can you measure your marketing progress and, importantly, our performance.



We Gorilla’s are exceptionally trained and see it as our job to continually show you how to leverage the digital world to help your company succeed.



You get transparent, regular and thorough communication via a set cycle of calls, meetings and reports - so you’ve always got your finger on the pulse of your marketing.

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We jaw-droppingly handsome gorillas happen to have some better than average online marketing skills.  But tooting one’s own horn is particularly unbecoming.  So here’s what some other smart folks have to say about us.

Clients and case studies

So, should you work with us?

If you want to build a long term relationship with a team who genuinely cares about your business and success, then we’re a good fit.

You should know we’re not the cheapest around, but we’re also far from being the most expensive. We don’t do cookie cutter marketing. We tailor our service to suit where your business needs us most.

Here’s why business owners choose to work with us:

  • You feel like your marketing is underperforming and you’re not getting the return you need
  • You’re frustrated at the level of communication and responsiveness from your agency
  • You need a partner who will be like an extension of your internal team and help you get the most from online marketing

If you feel like we’d be a good fit for you, let us know via the form below.