The Opportunity


We want to help the best young talent in the land learn how to research, develop and share great stories for a living.

So we’re offering Aussie uni students (or outstanding non students/literary vagrants) an online marketing/digital publishing internship.

We run one of the best ecommerce marketing publications online. Our team of experienced content creators and promoters have spent years learning how to grow and delight a targeted audience.

We’re a publishing company that happens to double as an online marketing agency. We just run a different business model. Instead of monetising our audience with advertising or paid subscription, we do it with marketing services.

You have the chance to join our dedicated team and work on our Ecommerce Jungle Gym content program. Jump on it.

The Gig

You’ll be a part of the Ecommerce Jungle Gym team, working 16 hours a week to help us help our audience.

  • Most importantly, you’ll be writing. Lots of writing. And interviewing. And researching. And editing. Oh, and writing. Did we mention that?
  • We’ll introduce you to our editorial process and you’ll sit in on our quarterly editorial team meetings and contribute new, awe-inspiring ideas.
  • You’ll research, write, edit and create stories for the Ecommerce Jungle Gym online magazine.
  • Your work won’t be confined to this. We want to teach you the skills you need to land an entry-level ecommerce marketing role.
  • It’s not just about the writing. You’ll learn how to engage influencers and develop relationships with industry partners to help us grow our audience.
  • We’ll also give you some sweet industry cred to burn your competitors in future job quests (if you don’t want to keep working with us – which you will…)

The Swag


Afterwards, your resume/portfolio/fridge collage can rep a whole lot more than just published articles.

You’ll be able to claim experience with:

  • Editorial planning
  • Online PR
  • Email marketing
  • Social media
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Audience research techniques
  • Conducting interviews
  • Paid content promotion

We’ll also give you a formal written assessment after your internship that you can use as a reference.

*** We aren't in this to snatch a free 16 hour work week that fetches coffee for everyone. We want value from you, but we will give back - in the form of education and other more tangible rewards you'll find out about later. 

The Chimp

What do we want from our newest young gorilla? It’s pretty simple really.

We want the best undergraduate storytellers in the countryThat’s all a little bit grandiose right? You want the deets.

Here’s the specs that’ll get us excited:

  • You have a fiendish passion to write
  • You might be completing (or have recently completed) a Business or Communications degree (or something similar) majoring in marketing, digital media, journalism, PR, or other associated topics
  • You want to learn how to edit, optimise and promote stories for a targeted online audience
  • You don’t inherently hate marketing
  • You’re excited by innovation in the media publishing industry
  • You’ve got huge plans for yourself
  • You understand the basic principles of content marketing
  • You’re not scared of gorillas

We don’t care about experience. We just want curiosity, ambition and an inbuilt storytelling ability.


Why do we gorillas want to help?

We’re caring, sharing folk.

Primates cop a bad rap (not a Pit Bull song; a reputation for being mean and scary). We online marketing gorillas are much more approachable than you’d expectHelping people is what we’re here for. Online retail is what we know. Content creation and promotion is what we do.

Humble roots is where we are from. Uni is where we learnt our craft. We were once young, green, and eager. The Chimpternship is not just about blind generosity. It helps us to help you. We want to find talented people to come and work for us.

If you like us and we like you (which you will), a post-graduation job awaits.

So how do you become our new Chimptern Scholar?

Here’s a tip: don’t just send us your resume. Sorry, we’re not really interested in your illustrious Oporto career. Unless you blogged for them.

Your UAI or ATAR or whatever other acronym tune you youngsters are dancing to these days – our care factor is fairly minimal. And we definitely don’t want to see a Microsoft Word theme. Please. Just… Don’t.

Your Brief

Your Task
Tell us why you’re the one we’re looking for.

Your Specs
Surprise us. If you choose to go with a CV format, fine. You’d better make it creative. Video, blog post, calligraphy letter, snapchat series, infographic, uni assignment, podcast episode, haiku – whatever you need to show us why you should be our next Chimptern.

Cheeky hint: try to tell us a story to convince the tribe you are worthy. A non-fiction story. That might help. Oh and to make sure you have some attention to detail, find a way to include the word “salmon” somewhere in your application.

Your Audience
This guy. Impress him. The rest of the gorilla tribe will chip in with their thoughts too. We’re a lively bunch.

Our pet hates include the use of outrageous nothingness buzzwords like ‘leverage’, ‘best practice’, ‘synergy’, and ‘digital disruption’. Best to steer clear of these bad boys. We also don’t like waffle. The incoherent rambling type. Not the food (actually don’t send us any breakfast items unless they're bananas).

Brevity will win you friends. That could mean 25 words, 12 pages, 10 minutes or one image. Just keep us seat-edged and enchanted by your story. The best kind of economy is word economy. Everyone who hated maths knows that.

Lastly, those with no compunction for accurate grammar shall receive scant respect. If in doubt, ask our buddy, Ernest. Don’t make the gorillas angry. You’ve seen King Kong…

The Habitat

We’ve got two main digs. Gorilla HQ is in the heart of Newcastle CBD (Level 3, 45 Hunter Street) for those playing at home. You’ll be spending most of your time here if you are the lucky Chimpern. Delicious cafes, world class coffee and Newcastle Beach are all within walking distance. We’re spoilt gorillas.

Don’t expect Mad Men largesse. It’s more lean start up without the ping pong table. We do have a plentiful fruit supply instead. You will get your very own desk. And free stationery!

Surry Hills houses Gorilla office 2.0. Sydney’s best eats and drinks are by the office doorstep. We had to keep the habitat tight. A bunch of Australia’s best online retail minds call Sydney home. You, being an ecommerce storyteller, might need to spend a little time in the big smoke to help us find and share the best stories. 

The Nitty Gritty

If you’re the lucky one, we’ll toss around some potential times to work out a schedule that suits us both. As a guide we’d love you in the jungle from 9am – 5pm, twice a week for the entire semester before your final exams. Chimptern’s gotta cram, right?

Flexibility is however, one of our noted strengths. If you need us to juggle, we’ll juggle. Days, times, hours – all negotiable. We’re not opposed to some work from home hours. Even if you can’t handle a full two days a week, go ahead and show us why we need you. If you’re irresistibly compelling, we’ll make it happen.

Let's get the ball rolling...