We’re hiring. Not specifically, in a Seek job ad kinda way.

It’s more a fiendish quest to find incredible people and convince them to work for us kinda way.

We don’t just give jobs out to any old marketing monkey. It’s the future King Kong’s we’re after.

Greenhorns - don’t despair. Lack of experience is not a deal breaker (although a few numbers on the board will work out for you nicely). We gorillas need a character match.

You know that classic marketing adage “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”?

Well we gorillas are always hungry, so if you fit the ways of the jungle, and you make a mean banana bread, we’re interested. You don’t need to be the next Joe Pulizzi to convince us to take you into the tribe (if you don’t know who that is, find out before you apply). You do need a passion to learn. That’s non negotiable.

What you’ll get

  • The opportunity to innovate, risk-take and collaborate
  • A structured learning and development plan to help you smash your own personal career goals
  • An annual education budget of $2000
  • Unlimited supply of lolly bananas
  • Experience working with a bunch of well known online retailers in a broad range of industries
  • Access to free coffee and/or an arcade machine
  • A goal-oriented role allowing you to work the hours that allow you to dominate  
  • The chance to join a tribe of proactive, caring and slightly insane gorillas

A bunch of dot points might not be enough to convince a superstar like you. We get it. You’re hot online marketing property. But you don’t want to be working at some boring multinational corporate monolith. Apply, and give us a chance. Gorillas are convincing…

What we want in a new gorilla

It’s pretty simple. We want the best online dominators in the country. But that’s all a little grandiose. You want the deets.

Apart from a thirst for online knowledge, here’s some of the creds that’ll get us excited:

  • You know how to attract, convert and retain an online audience
  • You dominate one digital marketing area, with skills in a few more
  • You’ve got huge plans for yourself
  • You’re disgusted by annoying advertising 
  • You’re an aspiring Alex Blumberg, or a Neil Patel in the making
  • You understand content marketing strategy
  • You’re interested in online retail
  • You’re not scared of gorillas

We're not obsessed by experience. We just want curiosity, ambition and online marketing know-how.


Skills we salivate for


We’re always hunting down that ever-elusive species: the digital marketing all-rounder.

But there’s a few particular skill sets we go ape over.

  • Content Marketing Strategy – we want help developing more effective content programs
  • Analytics and User Tracking – if you can turn data into online marketing gold, we want you now
  • Search Engine Optimisation – if you know the Google algorithm better than your best friend, we'd like to talk
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation – we specialise in helping online retailers dominate this area
  • Outreach and Online Promotion – any social media or PR pro with deep strategic knowledge will find a home
  • Online Publishing – any of you in the online editorial game will be welcomed with open Gorilla arms

Where we live

The Gorilla habitat is an exotic creative haven. Tribe HQ is just 200m from Newcastle beach and a cheetah’s leap away from some of the best cafes in town.

Just next to our office there is a delightful jungle (park) filled with a myriad of trees to play in.

We’re a smooth blend from the mountains of the African jungle, and we work in online media, so of course things get a little zany without decent coffee. Our office machine pumps out a delicious (albeit Nespresso) brew, but the best java the Novocastrians have to offer is vine swingingly close.

The gorilla footprint in the big smoke is just as impressive. In the creative heart of Surry Hills, Sydney, we've set up a brand spanking new warehouse canopy, complete with standing desks, giant beverage fridge, and arcade machine (gorillas are a playful beast). And yes, it does have NBA Jam 93.


The ways of the jungle


The online jungle evolves with haste. So do we.

If you're of the calibre worthy of joining our tribe, you'll have an insatiable thirst for learning, and a potential to grow like wildfire.

We don't want you working for the man. We want to help you follow your online dreams, with structured education and throw-you-in-the-deep-end training to help you flourish and dominate.

The 9 to 5 phenomenon doesn't really fly online. We just care about box-ticking, goal-scoring and repeat-customer-delighting. We get that some folks can't function before 9, and others smash out their creative best at an hour your alarm clock wants to hit snooze for you.

Jungle rules apply. You need to be present for tribal councils and do you bit as a team player. Otherwise you can run your own clock, as long as you get it done.

How to join the Gorilla tribe

If you want to join a bunch of gorillas on a quest for innovation – show us why we should offer you a job tomorrow.

Here’s a tip: Don’t just send us your resume. Do better. Oh, and we don’t want to see a Microsoft Word theme. Show us some love. You know as well as we do that good design improves conversion rates.

Your Task
Prove you’re Gorilla’s next unicorn hire.

Your Specs
Surprise us. If you choose to go with a CV format, fine. You’d better make it creative. Video, blog post, calligraphy letter, snapchat series, infographic, uni assignment, passionate phone call, podcast episode, inspirational haiku – whatever you need to show us why you’re the one.

Cheeky Hint: Storytelling. It helps. Oh and to make sure you have some attention to detail, find a way to include the word “salmon” in your application.

Your Audience
This guy. Impress him. The rest of the gorilla tribe will be in on the tribal council too. We’re a lively bunch - humour won’t go astray.

Our pet hates include the use of nothingness buzz terms like ‘leverage’, ‘synergy’, and ‘digital disruption’. It would be in your best interest to avoid these eye-rollers. 

Brevity will win you friends. That could mean 25 words, 12 pages, 10 minutes or one image. Just keep us seat-edged. The best kind of economy is word economy. Everyone who hated maths (all marketers) know that.

Lastly, those with no compunction for accurate grammar shall receive scant respect. Your diligence is due. Don’t make a gorilla angry. You’ve seen King Kong…

Knock our Gorilla socks off