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Over the past 3 years, Gorilla has become a key part of our business. They are trustworthy, transparent and skilled at delivering exceptional growth online. The results we've achieved have been outstanding. We're looking forward to a strong partnership for years to come.

Marita Blaschka,
Marketing Manager,
Tile Mega Mart

Tile Mega Mart

Tile Mega Mart opened its first store in Smithfield 21 years ago, and have since expanded their footprint to include two more warehouse stores based in Alexandria and Newcastle.

The team stocks a huge range of tiles from around the world, at genuine wholesale prices. After years providing dedicated, personalised service, Tile Mega Mart have developed a strong reputation with tradies, builders and value-hunting consumers. 

Tile Mega Mart has carved out a sizeable niche in the Australian tiling industry, primarily built on the back of their superior customer service and great value products. Traditional offline marketing tactics had been used to varying degrees of success, but the team wanted to increase the return on their marketing investments, and take advantage of the niche targeting opportunities that online channels provide.

After engaging the services of a different agency, Tile Mega Mart experienced a dramatic decline in website traffic. On closer inspection, spammy link building practices had triggered a Google penalty for the site after the Penguin algorithm update, causing organic rankings to drop from consistent top 5 ranking positions to outside the top 50.

Tile Mega Mart came to us for help. They wanted to return to their original rankings and recover the search engine referral traffic they had lost. But we thought we could help with more than a rankings recovery…

We looked into the penalties plaguing the Tile Mega Mart site, and prepared a penalty recovery plan. Our implementation involved a full link clean-up and disavow, helping rankings to return to pre penalty levels. In the process, we managed to increase organic search engine referral traffic to the site by more than 139% year on year.

After generating these results, we provided more holistic recommendations to Tile Mega Mart to help improve their other online marketing activities, and the guys were more than happy for us to lend another hand.

We overhauled their paid search campaign and implemented a number of retargeting campaigns that increased customer conversion activity by more than double. This simple strategy led to foot traffic through stores increasing to an all time high.

1. Recovery from Google rankings penalty

Backlink review and removal 

A bunch of spammy links were the primary reason behind Tile Mega Mart’s Google penalty. Our first priority was a comprehensive review and removal of the poor quality links plaguing the site to give us a clean slate to build on.

We sorted the genuine links from the culprits, using a dedicated outreach process to request removal of links.


Disavow file preparation and ongoing management

In order to repair the site’s damaged reputation, we had to make Google and friends aware that we had acknowledged our problem and removed as many bad links as possible. Of course, some website managers cannot be contacted to remove links (some links are computer generated spam with no human being at the wheel). A disavow file can be prepared to collect all questionable backlinks left over, and submitted to Google, explaining that you don’t want these considered in your rankings calculations.

After removing spammy backlings and submitting Tile Mega Mart’s disavow file, we implemented an ongoing backlink review process to make sure that no questionable links built up in the future.

2. Website usability and conversion improvements

Landing page optimisation

Tiles can be a complex product. Most customers have a limited understanding of different tile styles and categories. Website visitors want as much helpful information as possible to help them make an informed purchase decision.

Tile Mega Mart’s web content was relatively general, so we created specific landing pages to help attract potential customers searching for particular product types, and developed detailed content to establish trust and educate our readers.

This hyper targeted approach helped us improve Google advertising click through rates by 13% and increased conversion rates by 22%. The quality content behind these extra clicks moved prospects closer to a purchasing decision, bringing more qualified leads to Tile Mega Mart’s sales team.

Enhaced conversion rate tracking

We gorillas want to know when stuff works, and when it goes wrong. In order to make informed online marketing decisions, we want to have as much relevant data as possible.

To help us hack the growth of Tile Mega Mart’s site, we implemented advanced website tracking. The tracking shows us common customer actions, conversion rates and drop off points. We continually analyse this data to inform the optimisation tactics we use to improve the customer experience onsite.

Increased traffic and an improved online experience was not enough for a bricks and mortar retailer like Tile Mega Mart. They faced a challenge in converting interested online prospects to in-store customers.

We developed new site functionality to address this challenge, making it easy for Tile Mega Mart to maintain contact with website visitors and convert online interest into in-store visits.

3. Local and on-site website optimisation

Product page optimisation

It was not enough to create targeted product landing pages with high quality, customer friendly content. We had to optimise these pages for increased customer traffic.

Starting with a comprehensive competitor analysis and detailed keyphrase research, we gorillas overhauled the Tile Mega Mart site's on page optimisation.

As is our way, we made sure content was optimised for customers first, and search engines second - helping to improve the user's experience and create a sustainable platform for front page search engine rankings.

Local optimisations 

Some fixes are super simple, but yield sizable results. Ensuring consistent and up to date name, address, and phone details for each of Tile Mega Mart's store locations wherever they are mentioned across the web, helped us to generate a jump in search engine rankings.

With a business like Tile Mega Mart, focused on bricks and mortar sales at various store locations, local search queries are vital. A huge number of potential customers were searching for information based on their geographic area, yet Tile Mega Mart did not have content specifically targeted to these enquireis.

We implemented a number of site optimisations to improve search engine rankings from local results and generate increased targeted web traffic. 

4. Google advertising program overhaul

Campaign Restructure

Tile Mega Mart's Google advertising campaign groups were targeted at general terms with a high level of competition. We wanted to refine the campaign focus down to isolate and own a larger number of more specific search terms. Google ads with narrower, product-oriented search terms tend to attract a higher percentage of potential customers with stronger purchasing intent than generic keyphrase campaigns. 

We created a vast number of smaller ad groups around product and category search terms in an attempt to attract more genuine leads at a reduced cost per acquisition. 

Ongoing management of targeted advertising

In conjunction with Tile Mega Mart's subject matter experts, we crafted compelling new ads that perfectly complemented the new landing pages we had created to improve the potential customer's experience behind the click.

After rewriting Tile Mega Mart's Google ad copy to reflect our new product-focused approach, we implemented a thorough A/B testing regime to help us continue to optimise our campaigns.

Analysis of our ongoing performance allowed us to implement small copy changes that further increased our conversion rates.


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