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It’s hard to know what you’re going to get with some agencies. We just wanted clear strategy, direction and real results... and that is what we got. We’ve been working with Gorilla for over 2 years and during that time our organic traffic and revenue have increased significantly. We’re hoping to achieve lots more in the near future as we re-design our site and ramp up our email marketing under Gorilla’s guidance. I am very happy to recommend Gorilla as a strategic partner for your website marketing."

Mark Streeter,
Managing Director,

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Shindigs is one of the largest online party supply companies in Australia, with over 15,000 products for sale. Such a huge site with so many product categories means that creating and optimising online content can get pretty tricky for the Shindigs team.

Shindigs have operated a successful bricks and mortar store for many years, but after establishing an ecommerce site in 2012, online sales proved harder to come by. The goal was to drive long term organic traffic and sales volume increases for the Shindigs’ range of low cost items.

As a new site, Shindigs struggled to establish their online presence. There is no undisputed go-to online party supplies resource. If a potential customer makes an online search, Shindigs want to be the trusted option to answer the query.

A low cost per item and low average sale value means that Shindigs need a high volume of sales. Organic search is a key focus for the marketing team to reduce the need for paid advertising.

With so many product and category variations, the SEO considerations of the site are complicated. A strategic approach was needed to drive continually increasing returns and an increase in sales. Mark Streeter, Shindigs’ Managing Director, found us gorillas and asked us to help.

We worked closely with the Shindigs team to develop and implement a comprehensive site wide content optimisation plan. This included detailed on site optimisation updates and technical improvements. These initial tactics were followed by an ongoing on and off site content optimisation program. The following five tactics were the foundation of our strategy.

1. Eliminate duplicate content

Resolving Pagination Issues

Pagination issues existed across category and sub-category pages – meaning Google indexation of a number of pages with the same content and SEO elements. A rankings no-no. Proper pagination management was a simple but effective fix and ensured the right content was given priority and preference.

Canonicals To Prevent Duplication

Like many ecommerce websites, numerous filter and sorting options were causing new URL parameters to be indexed by Google as duplicates. Properly implemented canonical tags were utilised to manage indexing of duplicate content and prioritise the key versions of pages.


2. Fixing technical issues and
onsite errors

Crawling Errors

We identified a number of crawl issues related to a website redevelopment and the discontinuation of product ranges. Resolving these issues helped push pagerank and hence authority into other key areas of the site - helping to lift rankings and traffic. 


XML Sitemap

A minor technical error had prevented correct submission and utilisation of the site's XML sitemap leading to limited crawling of deep pages. Reconfiguration and submission of this led to thorough crawling and indexation of important product and category pages.

3. Optimise existing content

Optimising URLs, Titles, Headings and Page Content

Detailed competitor analysis and keyword research allowed us to develop an extensive list of target keywords for Shindigs’ product and category pages. The on page optimisation for all pages was revised to include relevant and helpful keywords to improve search engine rankings and the customer’s shopping experience.

Optimise meta data


4. Creation of new content to help customers and rankings

New Category Pages Targeted at Long Tail Keywords

Helping customers find exactly what they want, when they want, is good business sense. We identified a range of long tail keywords that were just waiting to be dominated. This led to the creation of new niche category pages targeting long tail keywords. The result - new traffic and a significant lift in sales.

Rewriting Targeted Product and Category Descriptions

Existing descriptions were brief and generic. Our expert copywriting team re-wrote and created hundreds of new keyword-rich descriptions to help users understand the Shindigs brand and products and assist search engines to recommend these pages to potential customers in search results.

5. Linking strategy

Internal Linking

We reviewed the structure and internal linking strategy of the site and implemented a number of subtle alterations to improve the flow of pagerank throughout the site. Resulting in improved rankings and higher entrance rates for deeper pages.

Building Inbound Links

We implemented a thorough link building campaign to build the domain authority of the website. This included a range of tactics including the use of suppliers and related industries. The result was a significant leap in rankings, traffic and sales.

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