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The online visibility of our business has increased substantially. We’re dominating within our space and the sales through our website are the highest they’ve ever been. We’d be pleased to recommend Gorilla to anyone (if they’re not in our industry!)

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Plugin Pest Free

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Pest Free helps people keep their homes and business free of pesky vermin and unwanted critters. The brand sells a range of scientifically proven, electromagnetic pest control devices for domestic and commercial use throughout Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Pest Free wants to become a household name in Australia. Pest spraying services are still the norm - most people are not aware pest control devices are available for purchase at a comparatively low price.

In the past, marketing budgets had been spent through traditional channels, primarily radio advertising and dealer distribution networks. The team wanted more return from their marketing dollars. Pest Free recognised the need to invest in online marketing, but they had no idea where to start.

We Gorillas had a clear objective. Increase revenues and online sales. Pest Free wanted to reduce their marketing spend and increase their return - substituting their offline methods with a more targeted online approach.

The first priority was clear. We needed to optimise Pest Free’s existing online content before investing in other areas.

1. Repair of existing website issues

Low Quality Backlinks

Pest Free’s website had a number of spammy backlinks from questionable sources, contributing to poor search engine rankings performance. Our SEO team initially focussed on manually reviewing and removing negative backlinks. By removing spammy links we are improving the quality of the site’s link profile and reducing risk of future Google penalties.

Website Migration

Serious shopping cart down time issues and functionality limitations prompted Pest Free to switch to a new ecommerce website CMS. The Gorillas assisted with the migration to the new platform. We carefully constructed redirects from the old site’s URL’s to the new site’s URL’s to make sure Pest Free retained their search engine rankings and provided customers with a smooth experience after the changeover.

2. Search engine optimisation

On-site SEO

Once we addressed the more obvious factors compromising Pest Free’s rankings, our search team turned its attention to optimising the site’s existing online content. Our ecommerce site optimisation process starts with an on-site audit, detailed keyphrase research and a thorough analysis of competitor content.

We develop a refined site architecture for optimal search performance, reconfigure existing content to align with our new targeted search terms, and create new pages to generate more search engine traffic for popular keyphrases.

The success of our on site SEO was significant. After developing a structured program to target relevant key phrases, Pest Free’s organic traffic is up 50% year-on-year. The ecommerce site now averages 120 keywords in top 3 search results compared to less than 25 before implementation.

Link Building

After removing negative backlinks from the sites link profile, we turned our attention to developing stronger, reputable backlinks to improve Pest Free’s rankings performance.

Our link building program capitalises on Pest Free’s helpful content to increase the awareness and credibility of the site in the eyes of Google. Our outreach team is constantly working on establishing relationships with related sites promoting environmentally friendly and chemical free information.

This technique has brought the site more targeted traffic, but the more important result is directly related to the business’s bottomline.

3. Pay Per Click advertising

Adwords Search Campaign

We had set a solid base for the Pest Free website, leaving a portion of budget free to dedicate to paid advertising. PPC advertising is an effective way to quickly increase targeted website traffic.

Our online advertising specialists developed a program for the Pest Free site to drive website visits from customers searching for electronic pest control devices and specific pest control services. We are able to maximise the effectiveness of our spend by targeted more long tail, purchase-ready key terms.

For every $1 spent on advertising, Pest Free has generated $4 in revenue.

Shopping, Display and Remarketing Campaigns

We used a number of specialised pay per click advertising options to further maximise Pest Free’s advertising budget.

Remarketing and product listing ads were used to serve visitors a visual of a product they had previously viewed on the Pest Free site. This gives browsers who have left the website another reminder, and another opportunity for Pest Free to convert.

A display advertising campaign was designed to maximise brand awareness. For a minimal investment, Pest Free is able to stay visible in front of their target market, targeting browsers on home improvement and pest related sites.

A Google Shopping campaign was also used to increase Pest Free’s dominance within the search results page.

4. Content marketing strategy

Conversion audit and tracking implementation

We performed a conversion audit of the entire Pest Free website to identify any opportunities to streamline the customer buying journey. We knew a better online shopping experience could help establish trust with new and returning customers - a critical factor for lesser known brands to convert browsers into sales. Conversion improvements have been implemented and are frequently tested and optimised.

We also developed a structured measurement and reporting process to help inform the future development of the Pest Free online store. We implemented enhanced ecommerce and event tracking to measure revenue performance and analyse key interactions on the site. The data from this tracking helps us make accurate decisions to further optimise the site for conversions, and with conversion rates up by 12% year-on-year, we’re right on track.

Development of a content program

In order to lure more targeted traffic to the Pest Free site, and convert interested users into customers, Pest Free need more engaging content to help guide users through the buyer journey.

A content development program and editorial calendar has been developed to establish an ongoing, repeatable process. We are currently crafting new online content to help Pest Free customers, and establish the brand as the go-to online resource in the pest information niche. With an integrated online strategy aimed at capturing, nurturing and converting Pest Free’s niche audience, we are able to capitalise on the existing foundations set with our earlier optimisation work.

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