Your Ecommerce Jungle Gym

Lessons from 9 of the best Twitter ecommerce marketing examples


In my experience you either love it or you hate it. 

Personally, I hate it. 

Just putting that out there. 

As a social media platform I find it lacking. I always feel like I’m missing out if I’m not constantly monitoring my feed’s every move. 

I don’t even know what to post on Twitter... 

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The scary online advertising trends you need to fight against

"Brands have learned that appealing to the largest population possible, with the most universally sound message, means more impressions for less money.

The problem is that they’ve forgotten how to talk with the people who matter to them most.

It’s not about counting impressions; it’s about making one.” (Elisa Cool, VP Brand Development at Contently)

Advertising might not be the best use of your marketing budget.

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Is advertising the best use of your digital marketing budget?

Advertising is like a children's dessert.

(Stick with me on this one...)

Remember when you were a little tacker.

Dessert was almost the only thing you cared about. 

But everyone knew the golden rule - no dessert until you eat your dinner.

Visions of delicious chocolates, ice cream, donuts and cakes danced around your little head, as you forced yourself to labour through a plate full of supposedly 'nurtitious' vegetables.

If you had it your way - you'd just eat the ice cream.

But your parents kept telling you these vegetables were good for you. The dessert was a treat, it had to come after the hard work.

Advertising is the ice cream. 

If you don't do the hard yards for your digital marketing nutrition, the ice cream becomes a super indulgent waste.

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Lessons from 10 of the best ecommerce Facebook success stories

You’ve made the website, the UX is out of this world.

The layout, the navigation, the checkout experience - all smooth and clean.

Everything is almost perfect…

Except for one thing. 

There’s no one there. 

No one’s buying anything. 

Nada, zip, diddlysquat.

Your online store is a virtual retail ghost town.  

So, how do you get more potential customers to your online store?

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Your Ecommerce Growth Guide: 39 simple ways to attract more customers

Want to grow fast?

Want to know where to spend your budget for the best possible return?

Want to remove the guesswork from your marketing?

These are rhetorical questions for any ecommerce professional.

The follow-up is not:

How do you maximise the growth of your online store?

The answer is not an easy one.

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Pinspiration from 10 brands dominating with pinterest ecommerce marketing

Pinterest Ecommerce Marketing is the social media gift that keeps on giving.

Your Facebook posts are only alive for a few hours before they are banished to the internet ghost town populated by long-lost MySpace accounts and the second page onwards of Google search results. You need to keep pushing that upload button if you want fresh engagement.

Tweets are like marketing fireworks. Mostly - they're sort of underwhelming. Sometimes they can be spectacular. And there's always a risk something might go horribly, catastrophically wrong. Regardless, they've been and gone within a matter of minutes.

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The ecommerce personalised experience craze - Your May Monthly Bundle


Anyone taking bets on the marketing buzzword of the year?

Forget ‘omnichannel’ and ‘digital disruption’. They’re old news.

Whatever your odds - put me down for ‘personalisation’.

I’m not sure I’ve received an ecommerce webinar invite in 2016 without this word in the title.

The personalised online shopping experience is fast becoming the ecommerce holy grail.

But are we getting a little too worked up about this whole thing? And how do you actually create a personalised experience without your brand coming off as a sleasy creep?

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The 10 industry trends killing your online advertising effectiveness

Online advertising is broken.

Not just because accidentally clicking on a banner ad is the internet's equivalent of stepping on some freshly discarded chewing gum.

Not just because the 15 second YouTube pre-roll ad you're forced to endure is often enough to make you forgo the opptunity to stick around and watch something you actually wanted to consume.

And not just because global ad-blocking rates increased by 41% in 2015 (with a recent report from Page Fair and Adobe forecasting $41.4 billion will be lost in online ad revenue due to ad blockers in 2016).

These issues are made to look almost trivial compared to the silent killer attacking your online advertising effectiveness.

And the creature with blood on its hands is one you might not expect...

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How to avoid an SEO disaster during your online store site migration

There comes a point in every ecommerce website’s life when it’s time to grow up.

Things start to change, you’re maturing fast, and your old body just isn’t right anymore.

What you had before worked when your brand was young and naïve. But times have changed.

You need to evolve - to be bigger, better, stronger... it’s time for a new website.

We don’t mean to alarm you (but you probably already know) - but this can be a period of sheer horror.

Crippling stress, skyrocketing costs and ever-bloating deadlines are a potential site migration side effect.

If this is your first migration rodeo, you need to prepare yourself for the horror-riddled sleepless nights.

The last thing you can afford to forget during your new site’s development is search engine optimisation.

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Why your ecommerce advertising budget has probably been robbed

“Perhaps the most important problem we have in the advertising and marketing ecosystem is fraud in the digital advertising supply chain”

ANA President and CEO, Bob Liodice.

Bob’s right.

Online advertising is infested with an invisible disease.

And you probably had no idea..

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