Your Ecommerce Jungle Gym

Why your smartest ecommerce SEO strategy is an investment in content marketing

The two words on every ecommerce marketing professional’s lips (and Twitter feed) this year are content marketing.

And the three letters on everyone’s blacklist are S-E-O.

Anyone selling online understands the value of attracting more potential customers through search engine referrals.

But Google is a scary, confusing beast, and SEO can seem more like a dangerous dark art than a digital marketing discipline.

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The best email marketing tools for your ecommerce conversion rates

Time for a little ecommerce marketing riddle…

What’s the one thing an unknown ecommerce brand needs to convert a potential customer into repeat buyer?

Without it, you’ll be lucky to make one sale.

When you earn it from your customer, you need to do whatever it takes to keep it.

If you lose it, it’s almost impossible to get it back.

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Your Ecommerce Article Library - 100 of the best marketing resources arranged by topic

The Ecommerce Article Library

Click on your ecommerce marketing category of interest and you'll find a collection of the most reliable, insightful and practical articles on your topic to help you keep your industry knowledge ahead of your competition.



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What return should you expect from your PPC ecommerce ads?

Spending your online store’s hard-earned on pay per click advertising is often riddled with anxiety and uncertainty.

Just like a real auction - you’re bidding on a potential windfall.

Problem is, you don’t quite know how high you can go.

The same questions swirling around in a first-home owner’s mind are the problems an ecommerce advertiser has to reckon with...

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The 10 stage retail brand strategy you need to grow an audience of loyal customers

Andrea Syverson is a retail strategist on a mission.

With decades of success stories smushed into her enviable track record, you’d think Andrea would be content to cruise along to the finish line.

Not Andrea. Her laurels aren’t a place for resting any time soon.

Andrea has successfully improved the customer experiences of brands like Hallmark, Ben & Jerry’s, World Vision and SPANX - and I want give you an insight into how she does it... 

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5 common mistakes you need to avoid during global ecommerce expansion

Are you thinking about international ecommerce expansion? 

You’re ready to branch outside your home country to help thousands more customers across the world. 

It’s such an exciting stage for any business, and while I want to encourage every ecommerce entrepreneur to attack risk and uncertainty into the quest for growth – I want to help you make sure you’re ready to take on the challenges of cross-border ecommerce.

Before you launch your online store outside your own country, it’s important to pause and analyse your growth strategy with objective vision.

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How to fix 20 of the most common Magento issues

Magento is the most popular ecommerce platforms according to 2016 research from aheadWorks.

While the fast-growing startup software providers like Shopify, Volusion and Vend often grab the tech industry’s headlines – Magento is the reliable workhorse powering more than 29% of the ecommerce stores in the Alexa top 1 million websites.

There are a bunch of fine reasons why so many online retail entrepreneurs favour Magento.

The platform meets almost every requirement an online store needs. 

But Magento is still a software program. Like any other marketing tech – Magento has its irritating issues that can crop up from time to time.

There’s a few particular problems that continually plague online store website managers, but there are a collection of simple fixes I want to share with you to avoid this level of hair-tearing, anxiety-inducing, computer-smashing frustration.

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The advice new online store owners need to build sustainable ecommerce success

Building an ecommerce brand in 2017 takes a whole village.

Running a sustainable, successful new online store is impossible without the support of expert partners. But more importantly, the ability to learn from your customers (and adapt your shopping experience accordingly) will help you generate long term growth. 

In particular, young businesses need to learn how to embrace audience feedback if they are to succeed.

So, how are you going to build a brand that can withstand your competition?

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35 of the most innovative ecommerce startups of 2016

The start of a new year is a beautiful time, especially for an ecommerce professional.

First and most importantly - January is the furthest month away from Christmas and Boxing Day sales. 

Also - clean slate people!

New year, new goals.

Fresh strategy, fresh approach.

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The most interesting ecommerce experts you need to follow

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you work for an online retailer.

You know how important delivery can be in the ecommerce customer experience.

That moment when your customer signs for the courier.

That moment your customer gets a little pang of excitement at the prospect of opening their goodies.

That moment where you have a clean slate for your brand's first impression.

For those of you new to the vagaries of retail lingo, in the biz we call this moment of opening a package 'unboxing'.

Unboxing is a moment of instantaneous excitement and joy...

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