Your Ecommerce Jungle Gym

Your email spam filter has a very important message for you...

Your administrative unsung hero has silently shielded you from the truth for too long.

It's time you learnt a valuable lesson.

Your email spam filter is working under the most horrific workplace conditions.

For 24 hours, 7 days a week.

And this poor, unsuspecting talisman of online strength has to endure a relentless barrage of promotional email marketing abuse, just to save you a few precious minutes of your day.

If you're an ecommerce marketing professional with access to a list of email addresses - it's people like you that need to spare a thought for a long-oppressed friend you couldn't do without.

Today, it's time for a lesson in email marketing empathy. I want to take you behind the scenes of your email inbox spam filter, to show you exactly what this trusty foot-soldier has to contend with.

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Personalization in ecommerce is hard enough without these 5 mistakes gobbling up your revenue

Amazon is a show-off.

The world's largest online retailer pioneered the practice of ecommerce personalization. More than a decade ago, their personalized recommendations engine took the industry by the scruff of the neck and thrust it into a new era of online shopping.

Or so we thought.

Turns out Amazon is still the benchmark in ecommerce personalization.

After many years of relentless leverage, over 30% of their revenue is now attributable to their trailblazing personalization techniques.

These are genuine, sustainable, business-changing results.

But it’s not just the Amazons of the online retail world who have the chance to reap the benefits of ecommerce personalization. There's plenty of room for every online retailer to be competitive in this arena.

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The online retail politics you need to understand - Your July Monthly Bundle

It's been a big month.

Britain voted to leave.

The UK Sterling plunged into freefall.

The EU stumbled into uncertainty.

Australia voted two ex-prisoners (and ex-dancing with the stars contestants) into their senate.

The Australian economy's credit rating hangs on a precipice.

So does the country's government.

The online doors of international ecommerce stores never close, so retailers around the globe are trying to keep calm and carry on amidst the political turmoil. But it's confusing. And kinda scary. Most of us started July 2016 looking a little bit like this...

What does all this political uncertainty mean for consumer spending and the future prospects of your ecommerce store?

Retail politics is not my expertise, but I'll do my best to explain all this complicated economic madness with the type of simplicity even a tribe of Gorillas could understand.

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10 ecommerce Instagram marketing examples to turn your likes into customers

Instagram changed the game.

The rules are a little different for Facebook’s trendy little bro.

Instagram isn’t a place to post links to your website.

It’s not a place to sell your products.

And it sure as hell isn’t the place for long winded blog posts.

It is the place to share the power of your image.

Whether your story is about fulfilling lifelong dreams, making a fashion statement or flaunting your last amazing meal - ecommerce marketers can tap into Instagram using images to resonate with, and grow their audience.

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The 2016/17 Retail Calendar you need to dominate your new financial year targets

The 30th of June is here.

You know what that means?

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Lessons from 9 of the best Twitter ecommerce marketing examples


In my experience you either love it or you hate it. 

Personally, I hate it. 

Just putting that out there. 

As a social media platform I find it lacking. I always feel like I’m missing out if I’m not constantly monitoring my feed’s every move. 

I don’t even know what to post on Twitter... 

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The scary online advertising trends you need to fight against

"Brands have learned that appealing to the largest population possible, with the most universally sound message, means more impressions for less money.

The problem is that they’ve forgotten how to talk with the people who matter to them most.

It’s not about counting impressions; it’s about making one.” (Elisa Cool, VP Brand Development at Contently)

Advertising might not be the best use of your marketing budget.

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Is advertising the best use of your digital marketing budget?

Advertising is like a children's dessert.

(Stick with me on this one...)

Remember when you were a little tacker.

Dessert was almost the only thing you cared about. 

But everyone knew the golden rule - no dessert until you eat your dinner.

Visions of delicious chocolates, ice cream, donuts and cakes danced around your little head, as you forced yourself to labour through a plate full of supposedly 'nurtitious' vegetables.

If you had it your way - you'd just eat the ice cream.

But your parents kept telling you these vegetables were good for you. The dessert was a treat, it had to come after the hard work.

Advertising is the ice cream. 

If you don't do the hard yards for your digital marketing nutrition, the ice cream becomes a super indulgent waste.

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Lessons from 10 of the best ecommerce Facebook success stories

You’ve made the website, the UX is out of this world.

The layout, the navigation, the checkout experience - all smooth and clean.

Everything is almost perfect…

Except for one thing. 

There’s no one there. 

No one’s buying anything. 

Nada, zip, diddlysquat.

Your online store is a virtual retail ghost town.  

So, how do you get more potential customers to your online store?

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Your Ecommerce Growth Guide: 39 simple ways to attract more customers

Want to grow fast?

Want to know where to spend your budget for the best possible return?

Want to remove the guesswork from your marketing?

These are rhetorical questions for any ecommerce professional.

The follow-up is not:

How do you maximise the growth of your online store?

The answer is not an easy one.

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